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Pravaig Interceptor Electric SUV

Pravaig Dynamics is an Indian automobile manufacturer founded back in 2011. It specializes not only in electric vehicles (EVs) but also in batteries as well as artificial intelligence solutions for autonomous vehicles.

The Bangalore-based EV startup has revealed the specs of the Pravaig Interceptor (Previously Known as Praviag VEER), a rugged off-road SUV. The company has not revealed its price and launch details as of now.

The Pravaig Interceptor is aimed for use by the armed forces only. It will not be available for use by the public.

The Pravaig Interceptor was previously known as Pravaig Veer and was also showcased during the launch of Praviag Defy in November.

The Pravaig Interceptor is based on the Defy SUV. It will have a bare-bones structure and comes with only essential items such as a rollbar, bonnet, fenders, and boot as standard. It will not feature any doors for easier ingress and egress for soldiers.

Customize Options

However, the military can customize and configure the interior and exterior layout of the Interceptor as per their requirements. It can be configured to have a closed-cab design as well.


https://e-vehicleinfo.com/pravaig-interceptor-electric-suv-for-indian-army/The Interceptor will have a 90.9 kWh lithium-ion battery with up to 5 modules and 5000 hardcase cells. The battery will be equipped with innovative management software that allows updates over the air (OTA). This will help keep the energy management of the EV up-to-date. The Pravaig Interceptor will have a greater-than-ever battery life of 2,50,000 kms.

It will also be equipped with fast charging technology and can be charged up to 80% in just 30 minutes.



The Interceptor will be powered by dual 150 kW permanent magnet synchronous motors. They will be extremely powerful, producing a peak power of 300 kW and a maximum torque of 620 Nm.

AWD system


The dual motors will allow the AWD system to vary the torque distribution between the front and rear axles. The system will be able to quickly change the torque in response to changing driving conditions and continuously monitor for wheel slip and other parameters as well.

Range and Top Speed


The Interceptor will have a range of more than 500 kms per single charge. It will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 4.9 seconds and can attain a top speed of 210 km per hour.



The Interceptor will have an overall length of 4940 mm, a height of 1650 mm, and a width of 950 mm. It also will have a wheelbase of 3030 mm and a ground clearance of 280 mm.

Safety and Features

Despite this basic interior and exterior layout, the Interceptor will be equipped with six airbags. It will also get a tyre pressure monitoring system, a 360-degree camera with 12 ultrasonic sensors, adaptive LED headlights, and a 77GHz radar. Closed-cab Interceptor can also be equipped with a HEPA air filter. All of these features will be powered by a MultiVAC computer system.


It is built for extreme conditions and will be able to conquer the toughest terrains. It will also be equipped with safety features like airbags, ABS & Electronic stability control, anti-theft alarm & immobilizer system, manual override mode, Optional vehicle remote access, Electronic brake force distribution, Intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system, and a 3-point safety belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters.

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