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Pravaig Dynamics is a Bangalore-based startup that launched the most awaited e-SUV model in India. The e-SUV named “DEFY” is modeled, engineered, and manufactured in India. Pravaig plans to launch the vehicle all over Asia, Europe, America, and countries with a left-hand configuration following India’s launch. All this is made possible because the company has come with extraordinary features of Land Rover.

Pravaig’s Defy is launched at a price of Rs. 39.50 lakhs. You can reserve the vehicle today by visiting the official site of the company and paying a reservation amount of Rs. 51,000 respectively. The vehicle is available for insurance and financing. You can avail of the green car loan on the vehicle.

Defy is still in the production phase we can expect the company to start the delivery of the vehicle in January 2023.

Let me take you on a quick tour traveling all the way in DEFY.

  1. Defy has the capacity to speed at a range of 500+ Km. It can touch an acceleration of 0-100kmph in 4.9 seconds.
  2. The charging time is 30 minutes from 0-80%. You can charge Defy with Pravaig’s home charger.
  3. The battery’s warranty has a life of 2,50,000 or 8 years whichever is earlier.
  4. The exterior of Defy aligns with premium cars like Land Rover. Defy gets a flat roofline, connected LED taillight design, etc.
  5. In the exterior, Defy has 4.94 meters long, 1.65 meters high, and 1.94 meters wide making up. DEFY has a 234 mm und clearance and a 3.03-meter wheelbase. The DEFY has a class-leading luggage capacity of 680 liters. This will be sufficient for all of your adventures.
  6. Defy draws power from the nine-layer of battery safety. Defy has the best batteries in the world right now which have 185 Wh/kg on the pack level. Defy has high-efficiency permanent magnet motors that enable the vast 40% of wasted braking energy to be captured.
  7. Defy has a torque of 620Nm that is applicable to all four wheels, 402 BHP which is split between a ratio of 50:50 across the front and the rear axle.
  8. Defy will come with eleven color variants to offer a vast choice to its customers.
  9. Defy comes with five-star safety.
  10. By login into their Pravaig Accounts, all users on the Reservation Queue get access to test drives. However, these centers are still underway.
  11. Defy offers legroom and Headroom of 1215m and 1050m respectively.
  12. Defy comes in 11 color options Bordeaux,  Emperor Purple, Lithium, Haldi Yellow, Shani Black, Moon Gray, Hindigo, 5.56 Green, Vermillion Red, Kaziranga Green, and Siachin Blue.

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Pravaig Electric SUV Defy Specification

Battery Capacity90.9 kWh
Range500 Kms
Motordual electric motor setup
Power407hp and 620Nm
Acceleration0-100kmph in 4.9 seconds
 Price₹39.5 Lakhs
Warranty2,50,000 Km or 8 years whichever is earlier
Fast Charging0-80% in 30 minutes
Seating Capacity5 person
Varnika Jain
Varnika is an aware and proud citizen of India. She is working towards nation-building and sustainability. Therefore, she has decided to enjoy the advanced business of Electric Vehicles. She is headed to get the news out of cutting-edge versatility, completely mindful that solitary EVs are inevitable in India.



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