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Pravaig Dynamics’s Electric Vehicle – the extinction MK1, will be launched in the third quarter of 2022, with an estimated price of ₹30 to 35 lakhs. This Electric Car is considered India’s answer to Tesla Inc. (India’s own Tesla?), which recently suggested that they are pulling out of the Indian market. 

Let’s see if the saying is true or not.

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About Pravaig Dynamic:

The company was founded in 2011, and it has taken 11 years to perfect the vehicle, with their powertrain for EVs perfected in 2014. One may wonder why it took so long, but Pravaig is perfecting its automated driving system. Considering India’s challenges, from weather to political and technological impetus, it’s a positive sign that the company focused more on its R&D than pushing out to market. 

One of the other companies that come to mind for perfect R&D is Ather, whose vehicles didn’t catch fire due to external conditions even when General Motors recalled their vehicles globally and in other cases where Heat waves increased battery fires across the country. 

(I) Comparison between Tesla model 3 Vs Pravaig Extinction Mk1

Let’s compare the Pravaig Extinction Mk1 EV with the most popular Electric car model Tesla Model 3. 

Specification Tesla Model 3 Pravaig MK1
Length  4694 (mm) 4820 (mm)
Width 1849 (mm) 1934(mm)
Height 1443 (mm) 1448 (mm)
Wheelbase 2875 (mm)  3038 (mm)
Power 211 KW 150 kW
Top Speed 206 km/hr 196 km/hr
Drive Single Motor RWD/Dual Motor AWD FWD
0-100kmph 3.6s 4.3s
Battery Capacity 82kWh 96kWh
Range 354 km 504km

WD Model

As we can see above, the MK1 is longer, wider, and taller with a longer wheelbase, although, with lower acceleration, the range is 150 km higher than the model 3. 

(II) External Features


As we know that aerodynamics improves the efficiency of an electric vehicle [2], the emphasis on aerodynamics was paramount when it came to developing the tesla model 3. Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla) said that the drag coefficient was 0.21, which enhanced the range and the performance of the tesla model 3. https://e-vehicleinfo.com/pravaig-extinction-mk1-ev-vs-tesla-model-3/

The range of Pravaig dynamics is, in fact, higher than the model 3, and like the photo above, the car was designed as a performance-luxury sedan. Even though the company is yet to specify the drag coefficient, it is expected to be in the low to mid 0.20s because even Mercedes’ latest luxury offering, the S class’s drag coefficient is 0.22. 

The longer wheelbase also improves aerodynamic efficiency as it reduces drag during corners and improves maneuverability. Formula 1 cars have a longer wheelbase than road cars and have the highest aerodynamic efficiency. For example, considered the greatest F1 car produced – the Mercedes Benz W11 EQ Performance + had the longest wheelbase of an F1 car to date.


It’s not just theoretical aerodynamics that show that Pravaig’s Mk1 is better than Tesla Model 3. It’s also the varied terrain present in India than in other countries. Only 43% of the country is plain, and the curve varies automatically for the rest, 57%, In which 37% of the roads comprise hills and mountains. The longer wheelbase will not just reduce drag but also increase stability while driving, which will improve the driver’s comfort. 

Safety and Noise Characteristics:


Pravaig dynamics’ extinction mk1 is rated 5 stars for its safety, and it is furnished with Devialet speakers for appropriate sound characteristics for the passengers and drivers.

(III) Interiors:

The Interiors of the Pravaig extinction are unique and customized. Unlike any other current manufacturer in the world, the car’s interior can be customized according to the customer’s need, with even an option of removal of the front seat. The rear seat can be extended to an almost lie-flat system, similar to the older business class angled lie-flat seats. 

There are provisions for mirroring screens alongside WiFi with 220V power outlets, vanity mirrors, 15″ folding laptop table, and limousine partitions for work and luxury. 

(IV) Battery Pack:

The battery pack is the biggest talking point (a huge boon for an electric vehicle to charge in minutes) for the Pravig Extinction or any upcoming Pravig electric vehicle. Unlike Tesla, where the battery pack was proposed to be imported from China, Pravig’s battery pack would be manufactured in India.

The option of swappable batteries is also a topic of discussion, as it is cheaper to swap out and is a huge advantage for any EV. This is also in line with the vision of the Government of India.

The research Pravaig’s put into batteries will also reduce the fire hazards, also called thermal runaways, as the conditions were tested according to India’s climate with European automotive safety standards rather than a generalized condition for the world.

The batteries can go from 0-80% in 30 minutes, and paired with the vehicle’s range, and it’ll be one of its USPs to succeed in the Indian market. With a life of 10 lakhs Kms, the batteries do durability. 

Not only that, these batteries were ordered by the Eren Group for their storage applications in solar power plants, thereby increasing the applications. Their promoter, Paris Mouratoglou, stated that batteries are better than the best global technologies.

(V) Robotaxi (also known as a self-driving taxi or a driverless taxi)

The car can be driven by Tesla autonomously, but the app developed by Pravaig is the first in the world.

While Tesla is working on the app, Pravaig’s already developed an open-source app, and with connectivity to both Apple and Android, the app will revolutionize the taxi market, and with the luxury that the car offers, the luxury taxi market will become better and is cleaner to the environment as Pravaig strives to be lowest carbon footprint automotive company in the world.

(VI) Cost of the EV and Potential market

As we see, the price of the vehicle is between ₹30-35 lakhs, and it puts in competition with MG ZS EV, Hyundai Kona Electric, and its less than Mini Cooper SE. The EV is the longest-range car in the country as the second-longest range is Kona at 440 km, which is 13% higher. 

The market that Pravaig is currently focusing on is the commercial fleet, and recently with Tesla’s UK deal, this proves a better fit for India’s booming commercial fleet market. The manufacturer will begin with Delhi and Bangalore as initial selling points, with the company moving straight to potential customers instead of the other way around. It’ll then move towards Mumbai and Chennai, then tier 2 cities. 


There’s a talk that Pravaig is considered to be India’s answer to Tesla or India’s Tesla. With the above points, we can say that Pravaig is not either but better and tailor suited for our country.

Moreover, Tesla’s cost was potentially twice that of Pravaig’s, considering everything. We can very well say that it is not an Indian answer but first Pravaig.



  1. Have been following Prevaig work for 3 years, am proud of them for almost going for the moon, and unbelievable writeups but the cup of joy and accomplishment would be full when I take a ride in it!


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