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Piaggio 1+ Electric Scooter

Piaggio introduced its electric scooter Piaggio 1+ last year. It ushered in a new era of electric scooters. It delivers emission-free urban mobility, great performance as well as technology, and a better safety mechanism along with all the qualities of a high-end scooter like its fashionable appearance, smooth chassis, excellent handling, large charging capacity, and unmatched attention to detail.

The 1+ is an affordable and high-quality electric scooter by Piaggio, one of the most famous scooter and motorcycle brands in the world and the parent company of the well-known brand Vespa. The scooter is the variant version of the Piaggio 1 with an improved battery.


Its price has not yet been announced by Piaggio. Its cost is anticipated to be between Rs.1 lakh and 1.5 lakhs.

Driving Modes and Range

In every way, Piaggio 1+ is a user-friendly scooter. It is easy to use and convenient. It also has remote access in the form of the MAP button to the right of the handlebar to switch between Sport and Eco modes.
While Sport Mode gives an experience of the engine’s full grunt and a more potent riding experience, ECO is designed to efficiently save gasoline and deliver a longer range along with more gradual acceleration.
The electric scooter delivers a range of up to 68 km in Sport mode and an impressive 100 km in ECO mode.

Battery and Motor

The Piaggio 1+ is equipped with a 2.3 kWh removable lithium battery as compared to the standard 1.4 kWh. The scooter has a powerful 1.2 kWh electric motor and a torque of 125 nm.


The Piaggio 1+ has a length of 1,680 mm, a width of 750mm, and a seat height of 770 mm. It also has a suspension system that is handled by a trailing link up front and twin shocks at the rear. Brakes are handled by disc brakes at both ends.


The Piaggio 1+ is incredibly strong, lightweight, and durable. It has a special mix of power as well as comfort. The scooter has pull-out foot pegs for the back passenger and a wide footplate for baggage.

It is equipped with features like LED lighting all around, remote access, etc. The e-scooter has a digital ambient dashboard with a sensor that automatically adapts the background and luminosity. The scooter has keyless start and USB charge ports for a mobile phone.

The e-scooter is available in 6 color options: Flame Mix, Forever White, Sunshine Mix, Forever Grey, Arctic Mix, and Forever Black.

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  1. “ECO is designed to efficiently save gasoline and deliver a longer range”

    It’s an Electric vehicle. Copy paste with little efficiency.

  2. Save Gasoline? In an electric vehicle!

    You need to stop copy paste articles from different sources or start using your brain to make your parents proud.

  3. I am really very much impressed.
    I am interested by if the rate is near about Rs. 50000
    It is manufactured by a branded Co.

  4. As I m now nearing 82, I am thinking to replace my wagon R (2009 model 32000 driven) with the above e-two wheeler as I m experiencing difficulty in driving ( I think DL & Regn ) are also not required if we drive this electric two wheeler?


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