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OSM M1KA Electric LCV

Omega Seiki Mobility made a stunning addition to the LCV segment with the M1KA which has currently launched its third variant. With excellent capabilities, impressive performance, and a range of modern and advanced features, OSM M1KA 3.0 is one of the best electric LCVs in the segment.

Battery and Motor

M1KA 3.0 has a powerful 96.77 kWh battery and a Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor which is designed to produce a maximum power of 170 HP and a torque of 415 Nm.

Range and Charging   It offers a range of over 180 km on a single charge and a top speed of 90 km per hour. The charging duration of the battery is 6 to 8 hours by an AC charger while it takes about 2 hours for a full charge by a DC charger.


The wheelbase of this newly launched electric truck is 3360 mm. It has a length of 6040mm width of 2160 mm and a height of 2270 mm.


The term gradability means the ability of the vehicle to climb slopes. Gradeability is really helpful in off-roading conditions.
The maximum gradability of the OSM M1KA 3.0 is about 30%.

Payload Capacity

The payload of any vehicle is the load-carrying capacity which is determined by subtracting the kerb weight or empty weight of the vehicle from its gross vehicle weight (GVW). The OSM M1KA has a GVW of 5 tonnes and a payload capacity of 3 tonnes


The truck gets a multifunctional steering wheel along with other features like integrated headlights, hazard lights, and daytime running lights. The vehicle comes with an 8 inches touchscreen on board. The automatic transmission provides an easy and fun driving experience.

OSM M1KA electric truck utilizes great battery technology for improved performance and reliability. It uses intelligent energy management systems to optimize power usage and boost efficiency.

M1KA 3.0 is built on a high steel chassis which gives it increased strength. The modular platform on which the vehicle has been built can be further modified for various applications.

It has a spacious and large ten feet loading area which can accommodate a wide range of loads and cargo types. It also features a spacious and comfortable cabin available with seating and ample storage for a comfortable and productive journey.  

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