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Ola Electric has reached a significant milestone with the inauguration of its 500th service center in Kochi, Kerala. This expansion is part of the company’s strategy to enhance its service network and improve customer satisfaction nationwide. The newly opened center in Kochi is the largest in Kerala, reflecting Ola’s commitment to providing quality service to its customers.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

An Ola spokesperson emphasized the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction and a seamless ownership experience. The spokesperson highlighted the importance of having a robust service network that can promptly address customer service requests. The opening of the 500th service center in Kochi underscores Ola’s promise to deliver efficient after-sales and service support to its growing customer base across India.

Celebration and Outreach Initiatives

To commemorate the inauguration of the 500th service center, Ola Electric organized a special ride for its community members in Kochi. Additionally, the company has planned a nationwide free scooter health checkup event across major cities and towns in India. These initiatives aim to engage with customers and raise awareness about the importance of regular maintenance for electric scooters.

New Pricing and Extended Warranty

Ola Electric recently announced revised prices for its S1 X portfolio, which includes models with three different battery configurations. The company has set introductory prices at Rs 69,999, Rs 84,999, and Rs 99,999 for the 2 kWh, 3 kWh, and 4 kWh variants, respectively. Deliveries for these models will commence next week. Furthermore, Ola Electric offers an 8-year/80,000 km extended battery warranty at no extra cost, addressing a key barrier to electric vehicle adoption by ensuring the longevity of the vehicles.


Expanding its service network is a crucial move for any electric vehicle manufacturer to ensure customer satisfaction and address concerns effectively. Ola Electric’s recent inauguration of its 500th service center in Kerala signifies a significant step in this direction. By enhancing its service infrastructure, Ola Electric aims to offer a seamless and hassle-free experience to its customers, strengthening its position in the competitive electric scooter market in India.


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