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Ola S1X Electric Scooter 

Ola Electric, the country’s top E2W manufacturer, is all set to bring another electric scooter “Ola S1X” to the Indian market and add a new model to its wide range of electric scooters. Ola currently offers S1 Pro and S1 Air electric scooters. The company recently discontinued its S1 Variant. 

Ola Electric Discontinued Sales of Ola S1 Variant


Ola Electric is planning to launch an entry-level electric scooter called S1X, with a starting price of less than Rs 1 lakh.

Launch Date 

Ola S1X is expected to be launched on this Independence Day, 15th August 2023.

Ola S1 Air 

Ola had recently launched the S1 Air which was already priced more affordably than most of its competitors.

The S1X will be priced under Rs 1 lakh, making it the most affordable scooter in Ola’s portfolio. It is already the nation’s top-selling electric 2W manufacturer and this move will line up with their mission to make electric vehicles more accessible and help attract a wider range of consumers.

The company has not shared any product details as of yet. However, more information such as its pricing, specifications, range, etc the S1X is expected to be teased as the release date approaches.

The ICE Killer S1X

The presentation by Ola highlighted the new S1X to be an ‘ICE killer’, hinting it to be the end of the ICE scooters. This launch will mark another milestone in Ola’s mission to revolutionize the Indian electric vehicle market and make green mobility a reality for all.

S1 Pro Gen. 2 

Along with the S1X launch ola electric is also making some changes in its already existing Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter. According to some early roomers, the company is considering two main changes in S1 pro-

  1. Add Front Telescopic Suspension
  2. Add Flat Footboard

Currently, Only Ola S1 Air have the front telescopic suspension in their electric scooters. Ola S1 Pro uses an unconventional single-sided front fork. But in the Updated Ola S1 Pro Company is going to add telescopic suspension as well.

Apart from this Ola S1 Pro has a curved design front footboard which will be now replaced by a flat footboard. 

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