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Ola Move OS4 Software and Generation 2 Platform 

Ola Electric has decided to offer out-of-the-box features and user experience with the introduction of its new Move OS4 software. With Move OS4, Ola Electric is set to redefine the electric scooter experience. This state-of-art software rollout not only underscores the company’s commitment to continuous improvement but also showcases its dedication to providing riders with an unmatched blend of efficiency, convenience, and a touch of futuristic rides.

Generation 2 Features of Ola Electric Scooter

  • Integrated Motor control unit into the Motor with 11kW of peak power increasing it by 30% from the previous generation.
  • Thermal induced is safe by removing excess parts and plastic from the battery, thicker insulation layer along with updated BMS. 25% improvement in thermal so the battery incidents can be reduced and ultimately stop.
  • Reduction in the control down units from 10 to 5 which makes the scooter easy to carry.
  • Reduction in the energy control system by 25% will consume less electricity so that you get added range in your models.
  • Upgraded Frame: 70% lesser parts leading to weight reduction along with higher strength.
  • Flatfoot board and a changed Grab handle. So that hands and feet of all sizes can fit and have the smoothest riding experience. One thing for sure can be said about Ola, their agronomics team is the best!
  • Ola S1 Pro and Ola S1 Air will also have these Gen 2 features in their systems. So we can safely say that the company hasn’t just made changes in the new model S1X but they have taken care of their old models as well. So that customers don’t feel left out and miss the taste of the swiftest ride.

Ola S1 Pro GEN 2

S1 Pro, the flagship product of Ola Electric, has undergone an engineering overhaul as it is now built on the all-new Gen-2 platform. The scooter, priced at INR 1,47,499, features a redesigned battery pack, powertrain, and electrical & electronic system, a reimagined frame and suspension, and a powerful mid-drive motor with 11kW peak power. These structural changes made S1 Pro 6 Kgs lighter, leading to an enhanced range of 195 km and the industry best top speed of 120 km/h. It accelerates 0-40 km/h in just 2.6 seconds. Like the S1 Air and S1X, it now features a flat floorboard and twin-fork set up at the front and mono-shock suspension at the rear to further enhance the ride quality. The purchase window for the Ola S1 Pro Gen 2 is now open and customers can walk into their nearest Ola Experience Centre or book the Pro through the Ola app. Deliveries begin mid-September.


Acceleration 0-40 km/ph in 2.6 sec
Range 195 Km Range
Top Speed 120 km/ph Top Speed
Peak Motor power 11 kW Peak Motor Power
Pricing  INR 1,47,999/-

New Updated Features of MoveOS 4


Customers have been anxiously waiting for the updated Move OS4 in Ola electric scooters and now the company has launched the best features that any OS can have in their scooter system. It comes with over 100+ enhancements and 20+ new features. below we have listed most of the amazing changes that Ola introduced today in their live event. Check out all the updates below!

  • Ola Maps
  • Hill Descent
  • Find my scooter
  • Location push
  • HC Routing
  • Megaphone
  • Concert Mode
  • Customizable motor sounds
  • Theft/Tow/Fall detection
  • Geo and time fencing
  • Take-me-home lights
  • Auto turn-off indicators
  • Ride and Energy Stats
  • Call Filter
  • Biometric unlock
  • Widgets
  • Dark Mode
  • Scooter locator

When will the Move OS4 Launch?

All Ola Scooters will have this Move OS4 by September 15 and you can flaunt the most updated features available just on Ola to your friends, Family. The most amazing fact is that these updates are available for free.

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