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Ola Electric Car 

Indian EV Manufacturer, Ola Electric grabbed attention when it revealed its plans to introduce an electric car in August of last year.  There hadn’t been much information on the much-awaited car since then.

Leaked Look and Design 

Now that a patent photograph revealing its complete design has been accidentally leaked, we can see Ola has grabbed our attention again. The image shares visual cues with earlier teasers of the vehicle even though it looks to be in its concept form. The final prototype may differ slightly due to the headlamps and huge wheels.

Tesla-inspired style

We can see a preview of the company’s design style in the image leaked. Ola’s electric four-wheeler style presents and initially embraces a sleek and minimalist design. It reflects a touch of the classic Model S and Model 3 Tesla vehicles as well.



The Ola electric car has a typical sedan shape up front and a roofline resembling a coupe at the rear. A sleek bumper with aerodynamic ridges, a small air inlet to cool the batteries, and headlamps attached to a long LED light bar are all features of the Ola EV. Inconspicuous body lines on the car’s flanks ensure that air flows through them without resistance.

In place of standard wing mirrors, the car is most likely equipped with cameras in the profile view. Additionally, it has dual-tone aero-optimized wheels and a window line that appears pinched at both ends. With earlier teasers even hinting at an entire glass roof, the patent image also implies a dual-tone look for the roof. However, the rear design has not yet been revealed.

It’s interesting to note that Ola has already teased numerous aspects online, with the most recent teaser even featuring a high-riding crossover. Therefore, it’s uncertain at this time to comment if there will be a single or several body designs.

According to a previous batch of teaser images, the upcoming car is anticipated to feature an octagonal, two-spoke steering wheel with haptic controls, a central infotainment screen, a free-standing digital instrument cluster, keyless and handleless doors, assisted driving capabilities, and internal MoveOS software.

Battery and Range 

The brand-new Ola electric vehicle is anticipated to have a 70 to 80kWh battery pack, with a projected range of 500 miles on a single charge. However, the EV manufacturer hasn’t yet provided an official confirmation. Ola also asserts that the electric vehicle can reach from 0 to 100 km per hour in less than 4 seconds.


It is anticipated that the new car will hit the market in 2024. Ola does not focus on the low-cost market in terms of pricing. Instead, it is aiming for a luxurious car as its first electric Car, with an estimated starting price of more than Rs 20 lakh.

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