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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/mahindra-top-5-upcoming-electric-suv/Mahindra is all set to launch 5 new SUVs in the market. For that, it has introduced two new brands, specially created for its electric vehicle range – Iconic brand XUV.e and an electric-only brand called BE.

Top 5 Upcoming Mahindra Electric SUVs

XUV.e will have two models, the XUV.e8 and XUV.e9, while the BE will consist of three SUVs, the BE.05, BE.07, and the BE.09. The five SUVs are to be launched approximately between 2024 and 2026. 

All the Electric SUVs are based on the Brand’s all-new INGLO EV skateboard platform. The platform will help underpin models of different sizes of varying segments. It will provide flexibility in terms of wheelbase, length, and width. Also, they will have a common Wheelbase of 2775 mm.


1. Mahindra XUV.e8


It is supposed to be launched in December 2024. Dimensions: L x W x H: 4740 x 1900 x 1760 mm. It has a combination of best-in-class performance, technology, and safety. It has an intelligent all-wheel drive system, a sophisticated cabin, etc. It is a comfortable ride both on and off the road.

2. Mahindra XUV.e9


Its approximate launch date is in April 2025. It will have a length of 4790mm, a width of 1905mm, and a height of 1690 mm. It has an exclusive modern design along with the beauty and main key components of an authentic SUV combined with the aerodynamic silhouette of a coupe. It will have intelligent interiors, with a panoramic sky roof that demands to gaze the nature’s beauty.

3 Mahindra BE.05 

Its launch date is supposedly in October 2025. It has a length of 4370mm, a width of 1900mm, and a height of 1635 mm. It is an exclusive car along with a taste for life for exploring and adventure. It is a Sports Electric Vehicle (SEV) and is inspired by the bold designs of racing cars.

4. Mahindra BE.07


It is going to be launched in October 2026. It will have a length of 4565mm, a width of 1900mm, and a height of 1660 mm. It is a family-centric car and offers a first-class experience. It is made for versatility.

5. Mahindra BE.09


Its launch date is yet to be announced. BE.09 is going to be a head-turning SUV that will have a chiseled design as well as a dynamic roof. It is going to be a four-passenger ride with a first-class experience and versatility.

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This is the company’s way of providing future-ready technology, head-turning design, and world-class products along with the benefits of electric vehicles. Mahindra expects to sell more electric vehicles by 2027. They aim to electrify the roads as well as the hearts and minds of SUV fanatics in India and around the world.


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