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The Electric Vehicle industry is going through a phase of major evolution. Every company in the industry is trying to surpass one another to bag the majority of market share in the Electric Vehicle industry. However, Tata Motors seems to have captured the attention of the entire country by introducing ‘CURVV’, the new SUV in the Tata family. 

Tata has been the pioneer of EV SUVs in India. But CURVV, as Tata says is different by design. The sleek and clear body of the sporty CURVV has set the bar higher this time. CURVV EV is based on next-generation technology to keep up with the high-tech evolution pace. 

On 6th April 2022, Tata Motors unveiled the very new CURVV EV on a live stream leaving the audience in surprise. The design and features speak about the value a customer demands the money. Air dynamic wheels for the Indian roads, user-friendly interface screens for the driver’s comfort, panorama roof to prevent claustrophobic environment, sporty appearance, and the list continues.



With luxurious and spacious cabins with panoramic roofs, CURVV is expected to capture the market by the year 2024. Yes, you read it right. In approximately less than two years, you can have CURVV in your home.

 Price and Launch in India 

Price in India Rs. 20 Lakhs (Expected Price)
Launch In India by the year 2024


Tata Motors plans to launch the curve as an electric vehicle and with an ICE engine too. However, EVs will first reach the market and will be followed by ICE engine vehicles. Now, you might wonder, will CURVV empty your pockets or savings? The expected price of CURVV is approximately ₹20,00,000 which is much more feasible than many other Electric vehicles available on the market.

The Indian government, to support the manufacturing ecosystem of electric vehicles in India, provides several subsidies and tax benefits to the companies.

However, the rising price of raw materials does affect the market by disrupting the chain of demand and supply. Even after such disruption, the approximate price of the CURVV EV including all the features justifies Tata Motor’s vision to make electric vehicles accessible to every individual in the country. 


Excitement is at its peak. The launch was successful as users were already waiting for Tata Motors to start production. So, while the unveiling of the all-electric CURVV SUV is eager to launch in the market, time will tell how much demand the market places in front of the CURVV.



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