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In today’s dynamic world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as an indispensable force, tackling complex challenges and transforming how we approach everyday tasks, from problem-solving to language translation. Recognizing the pivotal role of AI, Ola Krutrim has taken a bold step by launching  Krutrim, India’s first all-Indian AI-based application.

This full-stack AI technology is set to revolutionize various aspects of our lives, from economic to cultural spheres. By developing its own AI capabilities, Ola’s founder, Bhavish Aggarwal, showcased the commitment to fostering indigenous technological solutions, steering away from reliance on Western products.

In a live stream held today on Krutrim’s YouTube channel  Aggarwal unveiled the key benefits and inner workings of Krutrim, marking a significant leap toward shaping a technologically self-reliant future for India. 

Now, let’s delve into the key points about Krutrim, and know what services will the AI tool provide:

Krutrim is an all-encompassing AI solution featuring an AI chip, a sustainable AI cloud, a family of models, and a user-facing application. The foundational Krutrim model is trained on an extensive 2 trillion tokens using unique datasets. The Krutrim team proudly asserts that their Made in India model outperforms even GPT-4.

Notably, Krutrim is trained with a distinctive data mixture, employing a homegrown tokenizer specifically designed for Indic languages. This model undergoes fine-tuning tens of millions of data pieces, emphasizing its robust and tailored approach to address diverse linguistic nuances.


Krutrim, essentially a Made in India chat app, stands out for its remarkable versatility and capabilities. Notably, it possesses the ability to comprehend over 20 languages, making it a dynamic and inclusive communication tool. What sets Krutrim apart is its proficiency in generating content in 10 Indian languages, for example, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, and Kannada etc.

This diversity extends beyond language, as Krutrim showcases its prowess by writing code, exemplified by tasks like implementing the Bubble sort algorithm. Its functionality goes beyond the ordinary chat app, offering a powerful model that engages users in fun debates, shares captivating stories, provides judgment on queries, and even assists in making reservations. 

Adding to its uniqueness, Krutrim excels in real-time information retrieval and demonstrates exceptional reasoning capabilities across various languages. This multilingual powerhouse goes beyond conventional chat applications, understanding and responding to users in a mix of Indian languages. It’s not just about linguistic fluency; Krutrim exhibits a unique understanding of the Indian ethos, providing answers deeply rooted in the context of Indian culture and society.

The second notable feature is its voice-enabled AI applications, contributing to a seamless and hands-free user experience. With super reasoning capabilities and a distinctive grasp of Indian languages, Krutrim emerges as an advanced and culturally attuned AI solution, making it a valuable asset in diverse linguistic and contextual scenarios. 


The release is just around the corner, that is,  next month. Enthusiastic users can secure early access by signing up on the website today. This exclusive opportunity allows users to be among the first to explore the capabilities of Krutrim before its open release in January 2024

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