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Today has been huge for Bhavish Aggarwal: First Ola Electric commercial scooter’s patent was filled and now Krutrim became the first and fastest Unicorn AI company in India.

This achievement, coupled with a recent USD 50 Mn funding round at a valuation of USD 1 Bn, marks a significant milestone. The round was led by Matrix Partner India and others. Bhavish Aggarwal, Founder of Krutrim, emphasizes the need for India to build its own AI. The company is dedicated to creating India’s first complete AI computing stack, contributing to the vision of a technologically advanced ‘Viksit Bharat.’

Avnish Bajaj Founder and MD, Matrix Partners India said “Bhavish has consistently brought cutting edge tech innovation to India at scale with Ola and Ola Electric – and now excitingly with Krutrim to power the journey of ‘Viksit Bharat’ digitally. We are incredibly privileged to deepen our partnership with Bhavish and Krutrim”.

What is Krutrim and its functions? 

The AI is built by computer scientists in Bangalore and San Francisco and fluently understands and speaks multiple Indian languages.

The Krutrim family includes the base model and Krutrim Pro, with multimodal, larger knowledge capabilities. Trained on over 2 trillion tokens, Krutrim achieves superior performance on global LLM evaluation benchmarks. It is powered by the largest representation of Indian data.

This model enables generative AI applications for all Indian languages, showcasing Krutrim’s commitment to linguistic diversity. This linguistic versatility positions Krutrim as a valuable tool for various purposes, from education to business communications.

  • Voice-enabled Generative AI Applications: Krutrim allows the creation of voice-enabled generative AI apps, that serve the diverse linguistic needs of all Indians.
  • Platform for Novel Generative AI Products: Krutrim offers a platform and APIs for developing innovative AI products and services hosted in the Krutrim cloud.
  • 22 Scheduled Languages: With generation capabilities for Hindi, English, and other Indian languages, Krutrim supports all languages available by Q1 2024.
  • Cultural Sensibilities: Rooted in Indian ethos, Krutrim generates text with an innate sense of cultural sensibilities and relevance.

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When can Krutrim be used? 

Krutrim will be available in the beta version for consumers in February 2024. Additionally, it will offer an API for enterprises and developers looking to create AI applications, showcasing its commitment to accessibility and innovation.

Krutrim’s superior linguistic skills simplify daily tasks, making chores easy to delegate. It also transcends language barriers by enabling users to search for and buy items from the offline world with the ease of the online world.

Will Krutrim be used in Ola Electric Scooters? 

Ola Electric has its own Maps embedded in the Dashboard of their scooters. So it is no surprise that the company can integrate Krutrim into its own Scooters after the full-fledged version is launched.

This integration will make the scooters of the company more competitive in the market.

Writer’s Remark

Krutrim’s journey as India’s fastest unicorn and first AI unicorn signifies a pivotal moment in the nation’s technological landscape. As it moves forward, Krutrim is poised to redefine AI accessibility, innovation, and self-reliance in India, contributing significantly to the realization of ‘Viksit Bharat.’

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