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A patent application has been filed by Hero Motorcorp for a new electric scooter, targeting the B2B  segment. The patented model is expected to rival the Kinetic E-Luna. CEO Niranjan Gupta previously disclosed plans for expanding the Vida product portfolio in FY25, with the introduction of three new models, including a “mid-priced” scooter, an “economically priced” scooter, and a dedicated B2B model. With the reintroduction of the Vida V1 Plus and the filing of the newly patented electric scooter design, it seems Hero MotoCorp is strategically positioning itself to address diverse customer demands, completing the envisioned product lineup. 

Here are the design cues of the new electric scooter by Hero Motorcorp.

According to some sources the patented model resembles the existing Vida V1 range by Hero MotoCorp. The resemblance to the Vida V1 range is evident in the front wheel, disc brake, small flyscreen, and fork, while the rest of this design distinguishes itself. Notably, the bright neon yellow double cradle frame suggests that it will house the electric motor, battery pack, and other electrical components. Unlike Yulu products and the Kinetic E Luna, the Vida B2B model skips a floorboard in favor of fore and aft luggage racks. Given that these vehicles typically carry loads exceeding 100 kilograms, the Vida offering is anticipated to boast a payload capacity in the triple digits


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