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20210315042728_Bajaj_ChetakTo encourage electric vehicle adoption despite dwindling government subsidies, Bajaj Auto is set to unveil more affordable electric scooters under its Chetak brand. The company will introduce a new mass-market electric scooter in May and aims to triple its retail presence in the coming months.

Words by, Bajaj Auto executive director Rakesh Sharma, 

“The product upgrade in the fourth quarter was very well accepted. We will be launching a new product by May,” “We hope to attack the mass segment (with the new model). I cannot share the price, but it’s not going to be a premium offering.” He noted that it would be a “more mass-appeal” product. 

New Features on the Horizon

The upcoming model is expected to feature a compact battery and a hub motor. Last year, a test mule of the Bajaj Chetak was spotted with a hub-mounted motor, suggesting that this new launch might be that very model.

Bajaj Auto offers electric scooters under the Chetak brand, which currently features two variants: Chetak Urbane and Chetak Premium. The Urbane model starts at Rs 1.23 lakh, whereas the Premium variant is priced starting at Rs 1.47 lakh. According to some sources the upcoming Chetak Variant is likely to be priced around Rs 1 lakh


Bajaj Auto’s efforts to introduce more affordable electric scooters under the Chetak brand signal its commitment to expanding its footprint in the electric vehicle market. With plans to launch a new mass-market model and expand its retail presence, Bajaj is poised to offer consumers more choices in the affordable electric scooter segment. This strategic move is likely to position Bajaj Chetak as a formidable competitor to other mass-market scooter scooters in the market.


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