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Gensol Electric Vehicles, a subsidiary of Gensol Engineering started by the people behind the BluSmart electric ride service, has unveiled a sneak peek of its inaugural electric vehicle through a video teaser on Twitter.  The teaser reveals that the upcoming Gensol EV[Watch video], set to debut in March 2024, boasts an impressive electric range exceeding 200 km and a top speed of 80 kmph. It promises several industry-first features, including a moonroof, the largest boot space, in-cabin driver assistance technology, a fully equipped technology stack, AI-based cloud analytics, and a distinctive user experience. 

Key Features of Gensol EV:

The Gensol EV, boasts an impressive electric range of over 200 km and a top speed of 80 kmph, showcasing a dual focus on efficiency and performance. Distinguishing itself with industry-first features like a moonroof, the largest boot space, and in-cabin driver assistance technology, playful and fun design  the Gensol EV introduces innovation to its segment. With a comprehensive technology stack, including AI-based cloud analytics, it promises a modern and connected driving experience, aligning with the car’s commitment to cutting-edge automotive solutions.


With great pride, we unveil the first glimpse of our new modern car, contributing significantly to the larger mission of decarbonizing the planet. Designed to address the challenges of daily city commuting, our made-in-India all-electric car is poised to revolutionize zero-emission mobility”. 

Manufacturing and Quality Assurance:

Manufactured at the advanced greenfield plant in Chakan, Pune, the Gensol EV will undergo rigorous testing, including in-plant and end-of-line vehicle testing. This meticulous process ensures each vehicle meets the highest standards of quality and performance.


In a bold step toward the future of transportation, Gensol EV has teased its upcoming electric car set to debut in March 2024. Packed with innovation, boasting an impressive range and speed, and featuring industry-first elements, the Gensol EV represents a significant stride in the journey toward sustainable and cutting-edge mobility solutions. With manufacturing and testing processes ensuring top-tier quality, Gensol EV’s commitment to excellence signals a promising era for electric vehicles, marking a positive impact on the broader mission of environmentally conscious and efficient transportation.


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