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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/electric-car-vs-petrol-car-price-range-running-cost/Sometimes there may be questions in buying a petrol car but buying an electric car instead of a petrol car is a confusing question? So let me help you with this, whether to buy an electric car or a petrol car. Here is a comparison between Electric Car Vs Petrol Car by comparing their Price, Range, Running Cost, Maintenance and Services.

Now the first thing that will come to your mind is what is the difference between an electric car and a petrol car? So here is the definition of electric car Vs petrol car.

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What is Petrol Car/ ICE Car

A normal car or petrol car works on an ICE engine, which is an internal combustion engine. This engine combusts petrol which undergoes a certain chemical reaction. Now this reaction produces gas. The gas released from the silencer is CO2 gas and it is very harmful to the environment.

What is Electric Car

Electric vehicle is an abbreviation for an electric vehicle. EVs are vehicles that are either partially or wholly powered by electric power. Electric vehicles have lower running costs because they have fewer moving parts to maintain and are also more environmentally friendly because they use little or no fossil fuels (petrol or diesel).

Electric Car Vs Petrol Car

Now let’s try to compare both Electric cars vs Petrol cars in terms of environment, price, range, running cost, model, service and maintenance and refilling or recharging station.

Environment: Electric Car Vs Petrol Car

As discussed in the above paragraph, it is clear that petrol car is far more harmful than electric car in terms of environmental pollution for the coming generation.

Electric vehicles run on electricity and can be generated from renewable energy.  So if we keep in mind the environmental safety then an electric car is a great option instead of a petrol car. Also, it is a boon for the Automotive industry.

Price: Electric Car Vs Petrol Car

From an environmental point of view, an electric car is a must buy, but when it comes to the price of both the cars, there is a slight change in it. However, the price of petrol is more economical than an electric car. On the other hand, an electric car is far more expensive than a normal car. It has its own reason for being so expensive.

Firstly because of the batteries used in it and their other innovative functional properties. You must have seen that there is a petrol car in every other house, but an electric car is rarely seen nowadays because its cost is very high. But if you want to invest in an electric car, you can, because The cost of an electric car is almost going to be similar to the petrol car.

The upfront cost of an electric car is higher than that of a fuel car, but if we consider the running cost of EVs and their environmental benefits, EVs are becoming almost more affordable than their Upfront cost.

Model: Electric Car Vs Petrol Car

Now talking about the model/variant of both an electric car and petrol car, it is clear that petrol car has more number of models and variants. As the electric car is a new invention of recent years, it is not as popular and famous as the ICE car. That’s why there are very few models and very few Manufactures that make electric cars.

Service & Maintenance

Rarely will an EV require servicing of tires and window panels and nothing more. The batteries in them last a long time like around 3-7 years before they need to be replaced.

In the case of a petrol car, you need to maintain it frequently which also becomes a big issue in terms of price. Because servicing and maintenance of fuel cars are very expensive.

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Also, it is easy to find any spare part for a petrol car as it is more in use, but finding a spare part for an electric car can become an issue as there are very few models and companies of electric cars in India.

Running Cost:

It is a fact that the upfront cost of an electric car is high because the batteries used in an electric car are very expensive. But the Indian government has put in a lot of effort to promote Indian EV startups by providing incentives and subsidies. And soon all the equipment used to make the EV will be a manufacturer in India and the price of an electric car will be as cheap as a petrol car.

Talking about the running cost of an electric car vs a petrol car, the running cost of a petrol car is very high and on the other hand, the running cost of an electric car is so economical.

Refilling or Recharging Station

As the demand for petrol/fuel cars is very high so there is more number of petrol or refilling stations for petrol cars but since the demand for an electric car is less so there are very few recharging stations or say hardly around 1% of the fuel stations.


So from all the terms, it is clear that, in India, buying an electric car can be a bit difficult but if you buy an electric car over a petrol car then it will definitely be beneficial for you and the environment in the coming future.

Electric vehicles are the future of the automation industry, and all ICE vehicles are about to be replaced by EVs by 2050.


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