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Bounce Infinity, a manufacturer of electric two-wheelers, has launched what it describes as India’s first portable liquid-cooled battery technology in association with Clean Electric. This milestone is touted as a significant advancement in electric vehicle (EV) performance, offering an extended range, fast charging capabilities, and enhanced battery longevity. The e-scooter is now available nationwide, starting at an ex-showroom price of Rs 99,210.

Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO & Co-Founder, of Bounce Infinity, said, 
“This launch marks a pivotal moment for Bounce Infinity and the Indian EV landscape. At Bounce Infinity, it is our constant endeavor to break down barriers to EV adoption and improve charging infrastructure. Our liquid-cooled batteries are portable and can be conveniently charged at any standard 5 Amp socket and fast charged at 15 Amp socket found in every household, just like the ones used for appliances such as refrigerators and heaters. This, combined with fast charging, affordability, and sustainability, empowers individuals to embrace EVs and experience the freedom of electric mobility.”

Here are some key  features and specifications of liquid-cooled battery technology:

Advancements in Bounce Infinity’s E1 Model

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the latest liquid-cooled battery has been integrated into the Bounce Infinity E1 model, boasting an impressive real-world range exceeding 100 kilometers. Furthermore, this innovative system offers rapid charging capabilities, allowing for an 80% charge in less than 50 minutes. This feature eliminates the need for specific fixed charging points that support fast charging, enhancing convenience for users on the go. Notably, Bounce is set to make history as the inaugural EV two-wheeler Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to introduce a liquid-cooled portable battery, enabling fast charging through a portable charger.


Energy Capacity2.5 kWh
Real-World Range112-120 km
Previous Range1.9 kWh, offering 85 km range
Battery WeightApproximately 14.5 kg
Key BenefitExtended range without frequent charging
Technological InnovationAddresses the need for efficient thermal management in EVs


Extended Lifespan and Environmental Sustainability

Innovative cooling techniques employed by Clean Electric result in temperature homogeneity across battery cells. This ensures an extended battery lifespan of 30-50% compared to conventional air-cooled batteries. Remarkably, even after five years of use, Bounce Scooters maintain an impressive 85-90% State of Health (SOH), reflecting their durability and reliability. Additionally, the recyclability of battery components aligns with global environmental standards, underscoring the commitment to sustainability. Despite these advanced features, the affordability of liquid-cooled batteries ensures accessibility to a wide audience, promoting widespread adoption of this technology.

Future Developments and Expansion

Looking ahead, both companies are actively pursuing advancements to further enhance electric scooter capabilities. The development of the Long Range e1++ model aims to double the range by incorporating a secondary battery under the footboard. This significant improvement addresses consumer demands for extended range capabilities, providing enhanced convenience and usability.

Furthermore, efforts are underway to ensure compatibility with universal Type 6 Public DC charging standards for Light Electric Vehicles. This initiative seeks to streamline the charging process, making it more convenient and accessible for users worldwide. By expanding charging infrastructure compatibility, electric scooters become a more viable transportation option for urban environments, contributing to a sustainable future. 


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