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Ather Grid Fast Charging Cost 

Ather Grid charging points are used to offer free charging for all users. The electric scooter maker will now charge Rs. 1/minute plus GST from 1st August in the states of Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

Ather’s fast charger fee is going to be calculated based on the time the scooter spends plugged into the Grid and not on the basis of the amount of electricity consumed.

Reasons behind applying charges 


Ather believes that public charging is a key component in EV adoption and hence had kept the Ather Grid network access free for all since 2018. However, the company had noticed that free charging was leading to unnecessary crowding and problems for riders. Thus, it has introduced a fee for the charger used.

It is aiming to minimize charger hogging with this move. Charger hogging is a situation where owners leave their scooters plugged in for longer than is necessary. Ather has also introduced a cut-off limit for those charging at the Ather Grid, so the scooters cannot charge beyond 80 percent at a fast charging point.


The introduction of a fee would lead to more judicious use of the Grid network. The company expects that this will in turn lead to more sessions at each charger and more frequent usage of the Grid point.

The Ather Grid is designed for quick charging on the go. Paid charging will ensure that owners charge only for the duration needed and free up chargers to those who really need them.

Fee Ather Grid for  450 Gen 1 and Gen 1.5 Owners 


Access to the Grid will remain free for the Ather 450 Gen 1 and Gen 1.5 electric scooter owners and for those who purchased an Ather last December and were promised free fast charging for the duration of the offer till the end of 2023.

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