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Ather Family Electric Scooter

Ather Energy’s CEO, Tarun Mehta, has verified the ongoing development of an electric scooter designed for family use in the Indian market. The prototype of this upcoming model has been observed undergoing testing on public roads, clad in a black and white camouflage. 

The anticipated launch for this family-oriented electric scooter is slated for the year 2024. Additionally, Ather Energy has officially acknowledged its efforts towards enhancing the 450 series electric scooter, with plans for the upgraded model to make its debut in early 2024.

The leaked images indicate that the family-oriented scooter boasts a sleek design featuring slender headlamps and tail lamp units. Notably, it includes a grab rail and a spacious, elongated seat, ensuring ample room for both the rider and pillion. The presence of a side step and a flat floor enhances convenience, facilitating easy storage for the rider.

The scooter is equipped with alloy wheels, suggesting the use of tubeless tires, and a front disc brake. However, it remains uncertain whether the scooter will adopt a hub-mounted motor or a belt-driven one, given that Ather’s current lineup employs belt-driven motors. Ather emphasizes that affordability is a key consideration for the new scooter, positioning it as a direct competitor to the TVS iQube.

Ather Energy is also in the process of developing an upgraded version of the 450 scooter. Tarun Mehta mentions that this iteration represents an evolution of the existing 450 series and will carry a premium price. While the current 450 series is positioned at a relatively higher price point compared to other electric scooters in the Indian market, it stands out for its robust build quality, impressive performance, rich features, and excellent handling. The 450 series is often regarded as one of the top choices for enthusiasts in the electric scooter segment.

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It would be interesting to see which brand will emerge as the leader of in the following years as the competition between the top companies in the two-wheeler segment of electric vehicles increases.


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