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Ather Energy Upcoming Electric Scooters

Ather Energy, one of the biggest players in the electric two-wheeler market in India, has disclosed its future ambitions for its electric two-wheelers and how it aims to increase its scale in the market and appeal to a wider audience.

In the coming years, Ather Energy’s main goals are to grow its market share, introduce new, reasonably priced electric two-wheelers, and expand its retail network even to the most distant parts of the nation.

Image by Autocar India

With a market share of 13%, Ather Energy is currently the third-largest brand in India’s electric two-wheeler market. By 2025, Ather hopes to increase its market share to 30%. In the Indian market for electric vehicles, Ather has faced up against numerous strong and well-known brands like Ola and still managed to achieve good sales results.

Ather Electric Motorcycle 

In addition, Ather also plans to enter in electric motorcycle segment as well which could be unveiled by the year 2027, albeit little else is known about it. Ather Energy doesn’t appear to be in a rush to compete with Ola, who has also revealed their electric motorcycle, since they are taking enough time to produce it.

Recently Released Two-wheelers from Ather

Ather has recently released affordable alternatives of two electric scooters named Ather 450s and Ather 450X. One of the reasons Ather Energy has a market share of 75% in performance-focused scooters is that both electric scooters are among the best-performing electric scooters on the Indian market.


Ather, however, thinks that the electric scooter market goes beyond the market for performance scooters. Ather Energy’s chief business officer, Ravneet Singh Phokela, said: “The performance scooter market is not the biggest part of the e-scooter market, and as we move into a much bigger part of the market, there is no reason not to believe that there should be a bump up of at least 10-15 percent on top of our existing market share”

In addition, Ather has made indications about setting up a new platform for the production of electric two-wheelers that will result in a brand-new item before the festive season next year. They also said that they are going to introduce two strong and different products from Ather 450X, which is going to remain their performance line.

Other Future Plans of Ather Energy


Ather Energy has also hinted that they will adopt a more conventional approach to designing and styling their electric scooters making them family-oriented, unisex, and, electric scooters appropriate to all ages. They can reach to a wider audience with the help of this strategy as well.

Expanding its retail network all over India is one of Ather Energy’s long-term goals; by next March, its plans include 200 outlets in the 120 cities of India.

Even in Tier-2 and Tier-3 towns, according to the business, the market response to its premium-positioned products is above its expectations. It swiftly changed its expansion and distribution strategies by adopting a franchise model as a result, which was sufficient justification.


It would be interesting to see which brand will emerge as the leader of in the following years as the competition between the top companies in the two-wheeler segment of electric vehicles increases.

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