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After being in the talks and in the news multiple times, Ather Energy has finally launched their much-anticipated family e-scooter, the Rizta. Serving as Ather’s second model line after the 450 series, the Rizta is aimed at those seeking a family scooter. It boasts a plethora of features to cater to each individual’s needs. It has a sleek and sharp design and is priced at an introductory Rs 1.09 lakhs.

Let’s delve into the key features and specifications of the new Ather Rizta:

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The Ather Rizta embodies a simplistic design aesthetic characterized by rounded edges, a longer and wider flat footboard, the largest seat, and generously spacious boot space. Diverging from the sharper, sportier design of the 450 range, the Rizta adopts a more circular profile, featuring softer contours, dual-tone colors, and a neutral silhouette, drawing comparisons to the mold of the TVS iQube.


FeatureRizta SRizta ZRizta Z
Battery Pack2.9 kWh2.9 kWh3.7 kWh
Range123 km123 km160 km
Top Speed80 km/h80 km/h80 km/h
Dashboard17.7 cm (7”) DeepViewTM Display17.7 cm (7”) TFT Display17.7 cm (7”) TFT Display
NavigationTurn by TurnGoogle MapsGoogle Maps
Pillion BackrestIncludedIncluded
Charging (0-80%)6 hr 40 min6 hr 40 min4 hr 30 min




Positioned as a standout feature, the Ather Rizta boasts a single-seat design, touted to be the longest and widest ever witnessed on an Indian scooter. From its inception, the brand has exhibited unwavering confidence in this aspect, even going as far as releasing comparative images showcasing the Rizta’s seat alongside those of the Ola S1 Pro and Honda Activa, underlining its superiority in this domain. 


Ather Rizta comes with a roomy boot space, complementing its spacious seating arrangement. It has a comfortable storage of 56 L. This means that all the users will have 34L in the boot and an additional 22L in the Frunk. Rizta also comes up with a storage organizer that will help each one to accommodate and organize everything. So the users can put up lots of stuff in the boot. 


The Ather Rizta boasts several noteworthy features designed to enhance the riding experience. With a wide pillion backrest, passengers can relax and enjoy the journey with added comfort and support. Additionally, the scooter offers a spacious floorboard, ensuring ample legroom for riders of all sizes. Equipped with a multi-purpose charger of 18kw, the scooter allows for convenient charging of devices such as phones, tablets, and speakers directly from the boot.

Moreover, the Ather Rizta retains innovative features like Magic Twist, Reverse Mode,  AutoHold, etc enabling an effortless driving experience everywhere.  Its rear mono shock suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, regardless of road conditions, providing an extra layer of comfort to every journey.

Furthermore, the scooter offers easy ride modes like  Smart Eco mode for longer-range rides and Zip mode for those seeking a more spirited riding experience. With these features, the Ather Rizta aims to deliver a convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable riding experience for urban commuters.


The Ather Rizta comes packed with a range of safety features to ensure a secure riding experience. SkidControl technology prevents skidding on slippery surfaces, providing enhanced stability and control in adverse weather conditions. The Share Live Location feature allows riders to share their real-time location with family members, promoting safety and peace of mind during rides. Tow & Theft Alerts notify owners of any unauthorized movement of the scooter when parked, along with flashing lights to deter theft attempts.

The Ping My Scooter function helps locate the scooter with flashing light alerts, ensuring easy retrieval in crowded parking areas. An Emergency Stop Signal feature activates the tail lights to flash when braking suddenly, alerting riders behind for added safety awareness. Additionally, front disc brakes ensure precise and responsive braking, offering riders greater control over their stopping distance. The FallSafe mechanism automatically shuts down the motor in case of falls, minimizing potential injury risks and enhancing rider safety.


The Ather Rizta comes equipped with various connectivity features designed to elevate the rider experience. Integration with the Google Maps platform provides real-time traffic insights and optimized two-wheeler routes, facilitating smoother and more efficient navigation. On the dashboard, WhatsApp integration enables users to receive alerts and preview notifications while stationary, ensuring seamless connectivity without distractions. Moreover, Alexa Skills integration empowers riders with voice command capabilities for tasks such as accessing directions, checking charging status, and more, offering convenient hands-free functionality.

Furthermore, the Ather Rizta boasts additional connectivity features like call and music control, allowing riders to manage urgent calls and enjoy their favorite music directly from the dashboard. Push Navigation simplifies destination input by enabling users to send locations directly from WhatsApp to the scooter, streamlining the navigation process with minimal effort. Additionally, the auto-reply on SMS feature enhances safety by automatically sending SMS notifications to inform family members of the rider’s journey progress as they conclude incoming calls.


Ather Rizta will be available in seven attractive colors. Rizta S will come in 3 colours and Rizta Z with two battery pack options will come in 7 colours.  The color options are as follows 

  • Pangong Blue [Dual-tone] 
  • Cardomom Green [Dual-tone]
  • Alphonso Yellow [Dual-tone] 
  •  Deccan Grey [Dual-tone] 
  • Simple Pangong Blue [No Dual tone]
  • Siachen White [Dual-tone] 
  • Simple Deccan Grey [No Dual- tone] 


The  Introductory Price of Ather Rizta is 1.09 lakhs and it goes upto Rs ₹1,44,999  Bookings are open for Rs 999. Deliveries will begin from July 2024. 


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