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Vietnam’s pioneering electric car manufacturer, VinFast Auto, has unveiled ambitious plans to invest a substantial $200 million in setting up assembly units in both India and Indonesia. This strategic move is aimed at tapping into the immense potential for electric vehicle (EV) adoption in these two rapidly growing markets, where the current EV penetration rate stands at a mere 1%, as reported in their third-quarter earnings statement.

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Accessing Local Advantages

One of the primary reasons behind VinFast’s decision to establish facilities in these markets is to gain access to a range of incentives provided by the respective governments for local manufacturing. This includes relief from certain tariffs and taxes, as well as favorable access to raw materials. Each Completely Knocked Down (CKD) facility in India and Indonesia is poised to achieve a substantial production capacity of up to 50,000 cars annually, with an estimated capital expenditure of $150-200 million in Phase 1. 

Details Yet to be Disclosed

 The company has not yet disclosed the precise location of its manufacturing plants in India and which models will be assembled there. This aspect remains like a closely guarded secret. 

Optimizing Capital Expenditure

VinFast is actively streamlining its global manufacturing plans for the years 2024 and 2025, with an expected cost reduction of approximately $400 million compared to earlier projections. These savings will be earmarked for the construction of CKD factories in Indonesia, the most populous country in Southeast Asia, and India, which ranks as the world’s third-largest auto manufacturer.

Positive Outlook and Competition

VinFast’s Chief Financial Officer, David Mansfield, expressed confidence in the company’s ability to meet delivery targets and expand into strategic markets such as Indonesia and India. 

Tesla: A Formidable Foe

This news aligns with VinFast’s strong competitor, Tesla, which is also in the process of setting up a manufacturing plant in India. The simultaneous entry of these automotive giants underscores the fierce competition within the Indian electric vehicle market.

Plans of Rapid Expansion

In addition to its investment plans, VinFast is actively seeking resources for sales, legal, and back-office operations in India, with its office situated in Gurugram, Haryana. The company may initially introduce VF8 and VF9 models in India.

Growing Sourcing Needs

To support its ambitious expansion, VinFast is set to procure components worth a substantial $1.9 billion this year, a notable increase from the previous year’s $1 billion. This investment underscores the company’s commitment to achieving a prominent presence in the evolving EV market. 


As we look ahead, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of excitement and anticipation about what VinFast has in store for the future. In a world where the demand for electric vehicles is rapidly gaining momentum, Vinfast entry into the Indian market can surely change the game for the automotive sector. With the Indian government aiming to increase EV adoption to at least 30% by the end of the decade, the stage is set for remarkable change. As electric vehicles remain in their nascent stage in India, VinFast’s entry as a pioneering foreign mover promises to reshape the dynamics of the Indian electric market. 


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