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TVS is expanding its electric vehicle lineup with the development of an electric version of its popular XL 100 moped. The company’s recent trademark filings for TVS E-XL and TVS XL-EV confirm its commitment to introducing an all-electric variant of the XL 100 in India, building on the success of its iQube range.

XL 100: A Market Staple

The XL 100 has been a mainstay in TVS’s product portfolio, catering primarily to commercial users in the Indian market. With its enduring popularity and affordable pricing ranging from Rs. 44,999 to Rs. 59,695 (ex-showroom), the petrol-powered XL 100 has established itself as one of the longest-selling models in the company’s lineup.

Anticipating the Electric XL 100

While specific details about the electric XL 100 are currently limited, it is expected to offer significant advantages such as lower running costs and a practical design. Despite the scarcity of information at present, TVS’s trademark filings suggest that more details about the electric moped will be unveiled in the coming months.

Market Positioning and Competitive Landscape

The electric XL 100 is poised to become one of the most affordable electric two-wheelers in the Indian market, catering particularly to commercial applications such as food delivery services and last-mile connectivity solutions. With its competitive pricing and focus on affordability, the electric XL 100 aims to capitalize on the growing demand for electric mobility solutions, joining offerings like the Kinetic E Luna in a similar price range.


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