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Toyota EPU Electric Pickup Truck

Toyota is set to introduce its EPU concept all-electric truck at the Japan Mobility show [Tokyo Auto Show] next week. This exciting vehicle is part of Toyota’s next-generation lineup and is a mid-size pickup truck. It’s one of many remarkable models to be  showcased at the event, and from the pictures released, the electric truck is grabbing attention for its innovative and modern design. Despite being a concept, the EPU looks like it is close to production ready. 

Expected specifications 

The EPU, Toyota’s next-generation midsize pickup truck concept, features a robust monocoque frame, ensuring both durability and a sleek, modern look as a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). Measuring slightly over 5 meters in length with a double cab design, the EPU’s monocoque structure allows for a versatile cargo space that can accommodate a wide range of applications. The rear of the cabin seamlessly integrates with the cargo area, offering flexibility to suit various user preferences and supporting a diverse range of lifestyles, including outdoor enthusiasts. The BEV’s quiet operation is complemented by its design, which maintains a low center of gravity, delivering superior handling stability and ride comfort.

Here are some more main specifications of the EPU Truck

Length (mm) / Width (mm) / Height (mm)5,070 / 1,910 / 1,710
Wheelbase (mm)3,350
Passenger capacity5


While Toyota hasn’t disclosed technical specifications yet,  but we assume that  this truck is constructed upon a fresh electric platform. EPU falls in between the shorter and longer bed options of the outgoing Tacoma, and significantly surpassing the Maverick in length. This is why the truck’s proportions may seem a bit different, as the rear wheels are positioned farther back compared to what we usually see in compact pickups.

In terms of design, the exterior maintains a sleek and functional appearance, giving the EPU a look that suggests it could transition to production soon. The interior, however, takes a more forward-looking approach, featuring expansive display screens, a minimalist dashboard, and a distinct yoke-style steering wheel. 


Toyota is known for coming up with new ideas, and the EPU truck is another example of that. Electric semi-trucks are getting more popular, and Toyota’s EPU is one of the most interesting concepts we’ve seen lately. With the EPU, Toyota not only shows its commitment to electric mobility, but also offers a glimpse of what the future of semi-trucks could look like. Although still a concept truck, it will be intresting too know more details of EPU truck once it is launch ready. 



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