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Top Electric Scooters Under 1 lakh 

Recently, Many electric scooter manufacturing companies have increased the prices of their electric two-wheelers. This came into effect after the decrease in subsidy amount provided by the government under the FAME – II subsidy scheme.

after this step from the government, almost every electric scooter manufacturing company hiked the prices of electric scooters. Due to its effect, where on the one hand there was an unprecedented jump in the sales of electric two-wheelers in the month of May, on the other hand, there has been a huge decline in the sales in the month of June.

Now those who want to buy an electric scooter in the budget segment have very few options left. The price of most of the electric scooters has crossed 1 lakh. In such a situation, we have brought you a list of top electric scooters available in India right now which cost under 1 lakh.

here is the list of some top electric scooters under 1 lakh in India after subsidy reduction.

Hero Electric Optima CX


The Hero Electric Optima CX is an efficient electric scooter from a popular company. The price of the Hero Electric Optima CX has been increased to Rs. 85,190/-. This is the revised price for this month after a reduction in government subsidies.

FeaturesHero Electric Optima CX
Battery Capacity51.2 V / 30 Ah
Range82 km
Top speed 45 km/hour
Charging Time4 to 5 hours
Price (in INR)₹ 85,190/-


Motor Power

The motor power of the Hero Electric Optima CX is 550 / 1200 Watts.


The wheel size of this electric scooter is 12 inches. The wheels available in it are alloy wheels. The portable battery available in this electric scooter makes charging easier.

Many other features are also available in it such as LED headlamps, digital instrument cluster, regenerative braking, etc.


Currently, hero optima CX comes with a price tag of RS 85,190/- in the Indian market.

 iVOOMi S1

FeaturesiVOOMi S1
Battery Capacity4.2 kWh (or, 60 V/ 35 Ah)
Range220 km
Top speed 57 km/hour
Charging Time0 – 50 % in 2 hours
Price (in INR)
69, 999



The iVOOMi S1 has a motor power of 2.5 kW. The iVOOMi S1 has 3 riding modes: eco mode, rider mode, and sports mode. The electric scooter has alloy wheels and a digital speedometer.


The updated price of this electric scooter after the subsidy reduction is Rs. 84,999/-

 Okinawa Praise Pro


FeaturesOkinawa Praise Pro
Battery Capacity2.08 kWh
Range81 km
Top speed 56 km/hour
Charging Time2 to 3 hours
Price (in INR)99, 645/-



The motor of the electric scooter has a peak power of 2700 W. The Okinawa Praise Pro has a micro charger with an auto-cut feature. The other features available with this electric scooter are a mobile USB charging port, LED lights, stylish Aluminium allow wheel, an electronically assisted braking system with regenerative energy, etc.


The updated price of the Okinawa Praise Pro is Rs. 99, 645/- after the government’s policy changes of subsidy reduction.

Ampere Zeal EX

FeaturesAmpere Zeal EX
Battery Capacity2.2 kWh
Range120 km
Top speed 55 km/hour
Charging Time5 hours
Price (in INR)96, 000



The Ampere Zeal EX electric scooter is equipped with a 1200 W BLDC hub motor. There is a Li-ion battery of capacity 2.2 kWh. The ground clearance from the electric scooter is 145 mm.


The revised price of the Ampere Zeal EX is Rs. 96, 000/- after subsidy reduction.

 Odysse Racer

FeaturesOdyssey Racer
Battery Capacity72 V / 28 Ah
Range70 km
Top speed 45 km/hour
Charging Time5 hours
Price (in INR)70, 500/-



The Odyssey racer is provided with large storage space, a digital speedometer, a front pocket, and hook, easy USB charging, 3 driving modes, etc.

The motor power of this electric scooter is 1200 W. And, the peak power is 1500 W.


The revised price of the Odyssey Racer electric scooter is Rs. 70, 500/-

Bounce Infinity E1

FeaturesBounce infinity E1
Battery Capacity1.9 kWh (48 V)
Range85 km
Top speed 65 km/hour
Charging Time4 hours
Price (in INR)Rs. 89, 000



The Li-ion battery provided in the Bounce Infinity E1 is IPV6 rated. And, the battery is waterproof and very trustable.

The Bounce Infinity E1 electric scooter is equipped with a 1500 W BLDC motor.


The revised price of the Bounce Infinity E1 is Rs. 89, 000/-

Komaki Flora


FeaturesKomaki Flora
Battery Capacity51 V / 19.3 Ah
Range80 – 100 km
Top speed 24.9 km/hour
Charging Time0 – 100 % in 4 hours 55 minutes
Price (in INR)79, 000



The electric scooter, Komaki Flora has got a LiPO4 battery. There are different riding modes for the Komaki Flora – eco mode, comfort mode, sports mode, and turbo mode. This electric scooter has a LED headlamp and LED DRL. It has a cruise control feature.


The revised price of the Komaki Flora is Rs. 79, 000/-

Okaya Faast F2F

FeaturesOkaya Faast F2F
Battery Capacity60 V / 36 Ah (2.2 kWh)
Range70 – 80 km
Top speed 55 km/hour
Charging Time4 – 5 hours
Price (in INR)Rs. 99, 000/-



The Okaya Faast F2F has a motor of power 800 W. The peak power of this BLDC hub motor is 1200 W. This electric scooter has 3 riding modes: eco mode, city mode, and sports mode. There is a Lithium-ion LFP battery in the Okaya Faast F2F.


The revised price of the Okaya Fast F2F is Rs. 99, 000/-


Here we have listed the top 8 electric scooters that come under 1 lakh. Apart from this, many cheap electric scooters are available in the market for under 1 lakh. This list is not in any order, we have not categorized them. You can choose any of these electric scooters as per your convenience and demand. But if you are not in a hurry then you should wait for some more time because now most companies are working on cheap products and soon companies will launch budget-segment electric scooters.

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