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Electric car for kids

In the world of kids’ fun, electric cars are a total game-changer. They’re not just toys; they’re a cool way for kids to zoom around and have a blast. Picture your child smoothly steering their electric car, feeling a new level of freedom. The best part? You can charge them up at home, making these cars a reliable source of joy. Whether they’re cruising through driveways or navigating sidewalks, these electric wonders bring a sense of independence and accomplishment to playtime.

Now, if you’re a parent or a kid on the lookout for the best electric cars for kids, you’re in the right place. We’ve handpicked some fantastic options for you to explore. Let’s dive into these tiny wonders together and enjoy the ride. Here is the list of Top Electric cars for kids 

1] Baybee Bronco Kids Battery Operated Jeep


The Baybee Renegade Ride-on Jeep delivers maximum fun with dual control modes, allowing parents a 2.4G wireless remote or kids their adventure. Packed with realistic features like LED headlights, Bluetooth music options, and a hidden charging port, it’s not just a ride but a confidence-building experience. With a fully charged 12V battery, kids enjoy a continuous 40 minutes of play on wear-resistant wheels with suspension springs. Crafted from a robust metallic material, the Baybee Bronco ensures safety and joy for ages 3-8. Available in vibrant colors, this adventure comes at Rs 14,999, offering a thrilling and secure journey for young drivers. 

2]Shakya World Z4 BMV Battery Operated Car


A stylish Convertible Ride-on car that’s bound to captivate your little one. This eye-catching beauty comes equipped with working headlights and tail lights, ensuring a thrilling experience. Operated by a foot accelerator for seamless forward/backward movement, it boasts a rotating steering wheel for versatile turns on any terrain. The LED head and rear lights, digital display, and car sound effects create a realistic drive. With an openable door, adjustable steering wheel, and forward/backward speed options, your child will adore this ride. Charging in 3-4 hours provides a 60-minute playtime, perfect for kids aged 1 to 5 years. The price of the car currently is Rs. 10, 498, 42% off the actual price of Rs 18, 000

3] SRECAP Battery Operated 4×4 Big Size Jeep


This Battery-Operated Rechargeable Dual Mode Electric Car is designed for kids up to 45 kg. Crafted from durable plastic, it arrives in a DIY condition. The 12V 7AH lithium battery ensures 90 minutes of playtime after a 4-hour charge. Parents can take control with a 2.4G wireless remote, or kids can drive it themselves by stepping on the accelerator, turning the steering wheel, and shifting gears. This not only fosters hand-eye-foot coordination but also boosts courage and confidence. Perfect for young adventurers, this electric car offers a fun and safe way for kids to explore and develop essential skills. The Jeep is priced at Rs. 13,774

4] StarAndDaisy Electric Car for Kids


StarAndDaisy Electric Car for Kids boasts a 12V/5AH VRLA battery (2B) and a powerful 12V/16000 RPM motor (2M). Steering is a breeze with a 5500 RPM motor. The car is loaded with features like USB/TF card slots, an LED-detailed bonnet, and music/headlights. Tailored for kids up to 3.5 feet tall, safety is paramount with a 2-point harness and a parental remote. With dimensions of L 105 x B 66 x H 44.5 cm and a 30 kg carrying capacity, it’s perfect for little adventurers. Weighing 11 kg 500 gms, the car runs on a rechargeable 2B (12V/4.5 AH) VRLA battery, and the remote requires 1.5V AAA batteries (2 shells). The car is priced at Rs. 15,499.00. 

5] Wrixty Battery Operated Electric Ride Car for Kids


Wrixty Battery Operated Electric Ride on Car is proudly certified with En71 and Bis Certification, meeting European and Indian standards. It is designed for kids aged 1.5 to 5 years and can carry up to 40 kgs and ensures safety with a 3-point safety belt. Easy to operate, children can drive manually using the acceleration pedal, or parents can take control via Bluetooth remote. Powered by a 12V battery and double motor, the ride lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour, complete with a music system compatible with Aux, pen drive, and SD card, realistic dashboard, working LED lights, and a fun swing option. The car is priced at Rs. 11,080

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6] 12V Volvo XC90 Electric Ride-On Cars For Kids


The all-new Licensed Volvo XC90 12v Ride-On Car with Remote is a winter delight straight from the factory. Packed with unparalleled features, it includes opening doors, 4-wheel suspension, full LED lights, and an EVA tire upgrade for an incredibly realistic experience. The Bluetooth sound system allows wireless music playback, complemented by a parental remote for convenient control. The detailed interior boasts licensed badges, painted wooden accents, and luxurious leather seats, ensuring a truly special ride. With a 12V battery, 2 x 35W motors, and a compact design of L 129 x W 49.5 x H 76cm, this Volvo XC90 sets the standard for luxury and excitement for kids. This luxury ride for kids is priced at Rs 20,499, making it the top choice for style and excitement.

7] The Urban Bazaar Battery Operated Car


The Battery-operated Jeep offers dual control modes for a versatile play experience. Parents can use the 2.4G wireless remote controller, or kids can take the wheel, practicing coordination and building confidence. This realistic Jeep features a horn, LED headlights, inbuilt music, USB, Aux, and remote control for an immersive driving experience. Connect to USB or Aux for a variety of songs and stories. The powerful engine ensures a safe start and bright LED lights enable night-time driving. With a controlled steering wheel to prevent accidental overturning, it’s recommended for ages 8-15. Priced at Rs 13,000, it’s an exciting and safe adventure for young drivers. 

8]Yzabelle Electric Ride on Jeep for Kids


The Yzabelle Electric Ride-on Jeep is perfect for little drivers aged 1 to 4, with a weight capacity of 25kgs. Kids can drive manually, while parents control it through Bluetooth remote. Play your child’s favorite tunes via Aux, pen drive, or SD card on the realistic dashboard. This electric rechargeable jeep provides 45 mins to 1:25 hours of playtime after a 5-6 hour charge. Suitable for ages 12 months to 4 years, it offers an exciting and safe adventure. Priced at Rs 10,734, the Yzabelle Electric Ride-on Jeep is designed for hours of fun for your little ones. 


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