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In the world of electric bikes in India, it’s all about going far and having a great time. Remember how regular bikes used to boast about having big engines? Well, now it’s the electric bikes stealing the show, not for how fast they can charge, but for how much distance they can cover on one charge. While scientists are busy making batteries charge super quickly, what matters is how these bikes can take you on a long journey without stopping.

Let’s dive into the electric bike scene and explore the top 7 in India that make riding a whole lot more exciting. These electric bikes make going the extra mile a fantastic experience.

Electric bike Range 
Ultraviolette F77307 km 
Komaki Ranger250 km
Orxa Mantis221 km
Power EV P- Sport +210 km
Kabira Mobility 4000201 km 
Oben Rorr 187 km 
ABZO VS01180 km 


1- Ultraviolette F77

20191120074326_Ultraviolette-F77-side-acti (1)

The electrifying Ultraviolette F77 is the first superfast bike on our list. Its top-end model delivers a high range of 307 km. The original F77 came with a 4.3kWh battery split into three removable packs back in 2019. However, in the evolving landscape of electric bikes, the company realized it needed a more substantial power source to stay competitive. Fast forward to 2023, and the top F77 Recon now boasts a fixed 10.3kWh battery (7.1kWh on the base F77). This upgrade allows the company to proudly declare a remarkable 307km IDC range, with a real-world range surpassing 200km. When it comes to electric two-wheelers in India, the F77 outshines the competition, offering a level of practicality that sets it apart as a top-notch prospect.

The F77 stands out in the crowd with its distinctive design, combining the side profile of a faired motorcycle with the face of a naked street bike. Funky fork shrouds and eye-catching wheels further highlight its unique appearance. Loaded with features, the F77 boasts a 5.0-inch TFT display, auto on/off headlamps, navigation with real-time traffic assistance, geofencing, and more. For added security, there’s even a lockdown mode in case of theft. The bike’s connectivity features are powered by a built-in 4G SIM, and Ultraviolette assures users that there will be no subscription charges. 

Here are some more key features of Ultraviolette F77:

SpecificationUltraviolette F77
Range307 km/charge
Battery Capacity10.3 kWh
Charging Time4 hours
Top Speed152 km/h
Kerb Weight207 kg
Tyre TypeTubeless
Ground Clearance160 mm


2- Komaki Ranger 

Cruiser Komaki Ranger is the second player on our list. It boasts a top range of 250 km. 

For the 2023 model year, Komaki updated the Ranger electric cruiser motorcycle, priced at Rs 1.85 lakh (ex-showroom). The revised cruiser received notable features and powertrain enhancements compared to its predecessor. Komaki aimed to provide riders with the ‘roar and feel’ akin to a 650cc motorcycle, claiming an elevated riding experience.

The motorcycle features a new 7-inch TFT digital instrument cluster with built-in navigation, offering riders enhanced convenience and functionality. Additionally, the 2023 Komaki boasts an adjustable rear suspension and a windshield for improved customization and rider comfort. Building on its existing attributes, such as Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlamps, cruise control, and 50-liter panniers, the updated Ranger aims to deliver an enriched riding experience with a blend of advanced features and enhanced performance. 

Have a look at some more key specifications of the Komaki Ranger:

Feature2023 Model 
Range 250 km 
Battery Pack4.5 kWh
Electric Motor  5000W
Top Speed80 kmph
Charging Time (90%)Approximately 4 hours


3- Orxa Mantis


Bangalore-based EV startup, Orxa Energies, Orxa Mantis is the third bike on our list. Mantis gives a top range of 221 km

The Mantis project, evolving over six years, focused on the two-wheeler version since 2017. Developed by leveraging aerospace expertise, the motorcycle features a lightweight battery pack integrated into the frame, enhancing agility. The addition of an aluminum subframe contributes to the Mantis’s nimbleness, reducing its carbon footprint by 40% when the battery reaches the end of its life. The in-house developed ride-by-wire system, validated in the defense industry, ensures a unique riding experience.

Priced at Rs 3.6 lakh with a 1.3 kWh regular charger, the Mantis boasts a 5-inch digital TFT display, side-stand sensor, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone integration. For those who pre-order the bike, deliveries will begin in April 2024, starting in Bengaluru and expanding to other cities later. 

Here are some more specifications:

Feature Specification
Range[IDC] 221 km
MotorLiquidcooled BLDC
Power27 bhp
Torque93 nm 
Acceleration (0-100kmph)8.9 seconds
Top Speed135 kmph
Battery pack 8.9 kWh
Fast Charger3.3 kWAlso a standard 1.3 kW charger 
Charging time (0-80%)2.5 hours ride [3.3 kW]

5 hours [1.3 kW] 

Ride by wire systemYes
Ground Clearance 180 mm


4- Power EV P- Sport +

Andhra Pradesh-based electric two-wheeler startup Power EV   launched its electric motorcycle in India. P- Sport + is the fourth electric bike on our list. The top-end model of the P-Sport + electric Motorcycle comes with a range of 210 km

The P.E.V P-Sport + packs a 4.8 kWh punch, propelling it to a maximum speed of 85 km/h with an impressive acceleration from 0 to 85 km/h in just 6 seconds. The removable 72V – 33.6Ah Lithium battery, weighing 15 kg, ensures convenience in charging and handling. Achieving a full charge in approximately 3 hours, the P-Sport + is adaptable to any common outlet, consuming an average of 4.8 kW/h. These features collectively make the P.E.V P-Sport + an efficient and versatile electric vehicle for riders seeking a dynamic and eco-friendly commuting experience.

The P.E.V P-Sport + has convenient features that enhance the overall riding experience. Embracing modern technology, the vehicle boasts a hassle-free start with its Push Button Start system, eliminating the need for traditional key ignition. Its wheels are designed for both style and performance, featuring Alloy wheels that not only enhance the aesthetics but also contribute to a smoother ride. Keeping the rider informed, the P-Sport + incorporates a Digital Speedometer for clear and accurate speed readings, ensuring a safe and informed journey. Additionally, the P.E.V P-Sport + is fitted with Tubeless Tyres, emphasizing durability and minimizing the risk of sudden deflation. 

Some key specifications:

Range210 km/charge
Battery Capacity4.32 kWh
Charging Time6 hours
Top Speed85 km/h
Tyre TypeTubeless
Fast ChargingYes


5- Kabira Mobility KM4000

Kabira Mobility KM4000 is the fifth electric bike on our list. It gives a top range of 201 km. 

The KM4000 underwent a transformative makeover, revealing a futuristic design that underscored its technological superiority. Featuring a pioneering modular battery pack design, a first in the two-wheeler industry, the KM4000 sets a new standard, enhancing usability and flexibility for electric bikes. Safety takes the forefront with the inclusion of Segment First Dual CBS and larger disc brakes, ensuring improved braking performance. Rider comfort is prioritized with Showa’s Telescopic Front fork and Mono shock Rear suspensions, delivering an enhanced riding experience and stability on the road. Kabira Mobility had launched the 2nd generation model of the KM4000 at Rs 1,76,000 (ex-showroom Goa, excluding FAME 2 subsidy)

Here are some more specifications of Kabira Mobility KM4000: 

SpecificationKabira Mobility KM4000 Mark-II
Range 201 km 
Powertrain12 kW in-hub powertrain
Core Powertrain MaterialAluminum
Max Torque192 Nm
Top Speed120 km/h
Acceleration (0-40 km/h)2.9 seconds
On-board ChargerHigh-Speed 1.5 kW
Charging Time (0-60%)Under 60 minutes


6- Oben Rorr 

Oben Electric’s  Oben Rorr is the sixth electric bike on our list. The bike delivers a top range of 187 km in ideal conditions. 

Rorr, a proudly Made-in-India electric offering, stands as a testament to indigenous innovation, being entirely designed, developed, and manufactured in-house by seasoned professionals in the EV domain. Beyond its manufacturing roots, Rorr introduces interactive connected vehicle features, ranging from Predictive maintenance and Ride details to Battery status, Geo-fencing, Geo-tagging, Battery theft protection, Charging station locator, On-demand service, and Roadside assistance.

Equipped with advanced safety features such as the ‘Combined Braking System’ and ‘Driver Alert System,’ Rorr ensures a secure riding experience. Visual and auditory cues alert riders to the vehicle’s status, whether it’s ON, Stationary, or in need of Maintenance. Initially launched with a price tag of Rs 99,999, the Rorr has seen an updated starting price of Rs 1,49,999, making it a comprehensive and competitively priced electric vehicle in the Indian market.

Have a look at some key specifications of Oben Rorr:

SpecificationOben Rorr
Range187 km
Top Speed100 km/h
Acceleration (0-40 km/h)3 seconds
Charging Time2 hours
Battery Pack4.4 kWh
Peak Power8 kW


7- ABZO VS01
Ahmedabad Gujrat-based ABZO VS01 is the final bike on our list. It was launched with a top range of 180 km
The ABZO VS01 electric motorcycle stands out with a blend of functionality and environmental consciousness through its array of features. Its LED headlamp and tail lamp not only ensure excellent visibility but also contribute to its aesthetic appeal. The alloy wheels further enhance the overall look, adding a touch of style to its design. A notable highlight of the ABZO VS01 is its regenerative braking system, a feature that goes beyond conventional braking, significantly improving efficiency. This innovative addition sets it apart as a greener and eco-conscious choice, appealing to riders who prioritize sustainability without compromising on performance.

The suspension system is configured with a telescopic front fork and dual shock absorbers at the rear, providing a balanced and comfortable ride. Disc brakes are employed on both the front and rear wheels, supplemented by a combi-braking system (CBS) for enhanced braking efficiency. Notably, the motorcycle incorporates a reverse mode, adding a convenient feature for riders.

Let’s have a look at the key specifications of ABZO VS01:

SpecificationABZO VS01
Acceleration0-60 km/ph in 6 seconds
Top Speed85 km/h
Torque190 Nm
Peak Power6.3 kW
Charging Time3 hours (Quick Charging), 6 hours (Normal Charging)
Price1.80 Lakh
ColorsBlack, Imperial Red, Mountain White, Georgian Bay
ModesEco, Normal, Sport


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