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Cycling is an extremely beneficial physical activity, agree? There’s no doubt that sometimes we just wish it was easier to pedal that steep slope, or maybe something easier when doing those long sessions on the road. Turns out something exists, an electric bicycle.

These are usually equipped with a battery and motor, and depending on the location of the motor, the price may vary. Mid-drive motors are located between the pedals, usually provide more torque, and are also smaller and lighter.

This makes it more suitable for mountainous areas than a hub drive motor, which is positioned towards the center of both wheels, allowing longer runs on flat terrain.

In short, a mid-drive motor-equipped bike is generally more expensive than a hub-drive motor-equipped bike.

There are also sensors, which are of two types, a torque sensor, which controls power based on how hard you push, and a cadence sensor, which measures power based on how fast you pedal. control. This is some basic information that will help you make an informed decision based on your riding style.

However, there is a drawback. In India, the electric cycle is still expensive for middle-class families and the average cost of the best electric bicycle is more than Rs. 30,000 That’s a lot of money to spend on cycles, isn’t it?

What if there was a way through which we could get the advantages of an electric bicycle with our existing cycles at a much lower cost?

The solution is an electric bike conversion kit. These are DIY kits that you can use to convert a regular bicycle into an electric bicycle. This is a great option because the combined price of a regular bicycle and such a kit will be less than the cost of a single bicycle in most cases.

Following is the list of Top Electric Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits with price details

Top 4 Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits with Price

1. 350 RPM Electric Cycle Conversion Kit 

This offering includes a hub-drive motor and provides both the pedal-assist system and a throttle assist system. It includes additional components such as headlights, battery indicators, and keys. It costs Rs. 8,000. One major drawback is that the list of components does not include a battery.

Price Rs. 8,000
Power250 watt
Speed350 RPM
Power SourceLithium-Ion Battery – 36v
Buying LinkLink

2. Electric Bike Rear Wheel Hub Motor Conversion Kit  https://e-vehicleinfo.com/top-4-electric-bicycle-conversion-kit-with-price/

This kit offers a 250 W hub motor, throttles, brakes, a controller, and many more accessories. It has a maximum working temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, which might be a problem in some of the hotter parts of India. That and the fact there is no battery included for the price of Rs. 10,200 is something you should be wary of.  

Price  Rs. 10,200
SpeedUp to 2000 RPM
Unload Amp/ Peak Amp:1A/12A
Torque (nm) Peak38nm
Water & Dust Protection Level (IP Rating)IP6
Buying LinkLink 

3. GoGoA1 hub motor Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

For a price of Rs. 5,990, this offering which includes a pair of throttles, a hub motor with a power output of 250 W, and a controller seems like a decent offering but again includes no batteries.

Price  Rs. 5,990
Voltage48v 350w
Battery Life9 year lifepo4
Dust Proofyes
Buying LinkLink 

4. Geekay Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits for mountain bikes


This kit includes no batteries or chargers but is suitable for non-gear Mountain bikes. In my opinion, a non-gear mountain bike is the same as a road bike, so it should work with those as well, and in fact, that is what the company advertises on Amazon.

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Geekay Conversion kit Price in India

You can get this bundled with a battery and throttles for around Rs. 10,000 from here.

  • Motor Power: 24 V Output Power: 250 W Rated Speed: 3300/Min Controller Power: DC 24 V 250 W
  • Use 24 V Lithium-Ion 7.5 Ah or 12 v 12 Ah (2 PCS) Lead Acid Battery with Cycle Conversion Kit; Water Proof, Copper Winding, Heavy Duty Load Motor, Top Speed 25 KmHr
  • Package Contains: Cycle Motor Kit, 2 Tube 24 v 250 Watt Controller, Chain, Wire Set, Horn Button Throttle Set, LED Light with Key Lock Battery Indication, 36 Hole Double Thread Hub, Brake Lever with Auto Cut Off, 8 Magnet Pedal Assist (Free till Stock) 6 months warranty on this. 

If you google for an Electric Bicycle Conversion kit, you will come across the products listed above. The above list and some prior knowledge will help you make an informed decision about which EV Conversion kit you go for. Feel free to look beyond this list.


  1. Please send us details about complete kit , including battery and charger for bycycle with price and warranty available.

  2. Sir, Do you have dealers in Chennai, Tamilnadu? If so Please send me the details and Their Phone Numbers. Thanks, K.Nageswara.Rao

  3. Please send us details about complete kit , including battery and charger for bycycle with price and warranty available.

    GoGoA1 hub motor Electric Bicycle Conversion Kits

    Dharmendra Sahu


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