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Three new electric two-wheeler models from Bharat New Energy Company (BNC Motors), previously known as Boom Motors, were unveiled at the Bangalore Green Vehicle Expo 2023. The business has also unveiled its in-house developed portable battery, ETROL 40.

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BNC Motors intends to introduce these new electric two-wheeler models in December 2023, first concentrating on building a strong foundation and dealership network in South India. It is anticipated that these models would then become available in the North Indian market in January 2024.

The business also formed a strategic alliance with Musashi, a well-known and prominent Japanese auto components producer, who revealed their intention was to invest Rs 70 crore in the first stage of establishing e-axle production in India.

Models Unveiled At The Expo:



The Challenger S110 is an electric two wheeler that has a 3 kW BLDC hub motor with a top speed of 75 kmph. The electric vehicle is fitted with a single ETROL 40 detachable battery with a 2.1 kWh capacity, and it can be fully charged in under 4 hours with a traditional charger or under 2 hours with fast charging technology. In low mode, the claimed range on a single charge is 90 kms. The Challenger S110 is available in four colours and priced at INR 117,999 ex-showroom.

BOSS NR 150 Electric Motorcycle 


With a strong BLDC hub in motor producing a peak power output of 7.2 kW, the Boss NR 150 offers thrilling performance, attaining a top speed of 110 kmph and sprinting from 0 to 60 kmph in less than 6 seconds. It has two detachable ETROL 40 batteries providing a combined capacity of 4.2 kWh. The electric two wheeler be fully charged in 4 hours with a standard charger or in 2 hours with fast charging technology. In low mode, the claimed range on a single charge is 160 kms. The Boss NR 150 is offered in two colour variants and is priced at INR 159,999 ex-showroom.

Perfetto Electric Scooter


The Perfetto is an electric scooter with a side mounted motor that has a 3 kW peak power output and a top speed of 80 km per hour. It has a single ETROL 40 detachable battery with a 2.1 kWh capacity that can be charged in either 2 hours using a fast charger or in 4 hours using a traditional charger. In low mode, the company claimed range on a single charge is 80 kms. The Perfetto is set at a price of INR 132,999 ex-showroom.



The ETROL 40 is a 2.1 kWh battery pack, created to address and satisfy the changing demands of electric vehicles. The ETROL 40 is designed to resist and withstand a variety of environmental conditions and has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating.

With the help of the battery, the user will be able to swap it out and be on their way in a matter of seconds, much like refuelling conventional petrol-powered automobiles, but without the pollution.

The ETROL 40 battery pack is included with a loT module that offers improved connectivity and functionality. It also comes with a 5 year data subscription and warranty. Additionally, BNC Motors made the battery available for usage by other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and battery producers.

Safety Measures

The ETROL 40 battery has also received certification that it complies with the strictest standards, including AIS-156. It has also undergone extensive testing, including nail eviction, crushing, thermal testing up to 400 degrees celsius, and continuous operations at over 45 degrees celsius, in addition to meeting the necessary safety requirements. The business has implemented numerous redundancies to ensure optimal safety and to avert potential mishaps.


They have built a battery pack that will benefit the ecosystem and believe to have created the best-in-class battery by any objective measure be it safety, longevity, lifetime cost, etc.

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