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Bengaluru-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Ather Energy is gearing up to unveil its latest electric scooter, the Rizta, on April 6th, during the Community Day 2024 event. This launch marks the company’s entry into the family scooter segment, emphasizing a shift from its sportier Ather 450 series to a more user-friendly and convenient design, in line with Indian market preferences. 

Limited information is currently accessible regarding the Ather Rizta Scooter; however, here’s a compilation of available details and speculations from various sources:

Shift in Design Philosophy:

The Ather Rizta is expected to boast larger dimensions, prioritizing comfort and practicality. A key highlight is its spacious seat, touted as the largest in its segment, offering riders ample room. CEO Tarun Mehta shared images of the scooter’s expansive seat, indicating a focus on rider comfort.  The Ather Rizta is also anticipated to feature an increased under-seat storage compartment, enhancing its practicality for daily use.

While specific powertrain and feature details are yet to be revealed, it is expected that the Rizta will inherit some features from Ather’s existing lineup.

Anticipated Features

These may include a fully digital instrument panel with touchscreen capabilities and smartphone connectivity. Additionally, the scooter is likely to offer various ride modes, quick charging, and navigation assistance. Ather Energy has been working on the project since 2019, promising safety, style, and the best experience on the road.

Performance Improvements 

Although the company has not officially confirmed new battery and motor configurations, the Rizta could potentially deliver improved range and performance compared to other Ather models. Further details are anticipated to be unveiled during the official launch event. 


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