Switch IeV3 and IeV4 ELCV

The state-of-the-art SWITCH IeV Series (IeV 3 and IeV 4), enabled with a 330 V High Voltage EV Architecture sets a new benchmark in the 2~3.5T commercial vehicle category for unparalleled efficiency and performance. These vehicles come equipped with a spacious cargo body extending up to 9.7 feet, capable of holding up to 340 cubic feet of containers. The Switch IeV series is equipped with a spacious cabin for one to enjoy clutch-less operation, generous legroom, ample headroom, and the convenience of sliding and reclining seats, along with Foldable Parking Brakes. With the industry-first electric power steering system, these series ensure a comfortable and effortless driving experience. With a robust battery pack ranging from 25.6 to 32.2 kWh, the SWITCH IeV Series will deliver an impressive and efficient range of up to 300 kilometres of operation in a day (with Opportunity Charging), with the best-in-class Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). These electric vehicles boast of a payload of up to 1.7 tons and has adopted the Switch iON system that offers over 20+ customized features, providing real-time vehicle information, insights on the vehicle’s position, operating route, trip history, and the condition of EV aggregates, among others, all contributing to streamlined operations and ease of driving. 

Customer Centric Product

One of the most compelling aspects of the Switch IeV Series is its versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of transportation needs. Whether it’s last-mile deliveries for e-commerce or urban goods distribution, these vehicles offer a flexible solution that can adapt to various tasks, ultimately contributing to more efficient and sustainable mobility in our cities.

Key Features

The Switch IeV Series is a game-changer in the electric Light Commercial Vehicle (eLCV) segment, redefining mid and last-mile transportation. It showcases Switch’s global expertise in electrifying logistics. With an industry-leading turnaround time, the Switch IeV is set to revolutionize last-mile logistics, paving the way for a more efficient and sustainable urban mobility future.

  • Hill Hold Assist
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Sliding & Reclining Driver Seat
  • Dual Tone Dashboard
  • 2 USB Port (Mobile Charging Point)
  • Spacious Cabin With D+2 Seating
  • Reverse Park Alert
  • Lockable Glove Box
  • Provision (Music/Radio/Aux/USB*)

Switch IeV3

Model Details

GVW 2590 kg
Payload 1200 kg (FSD)
Wheelbase 2510 mm
Cargo Body Dimension-FSD8.6 ft X 5.3 ft X 1.4 ft
Container Suitability270 CFT

EV Power Train Details

Battery  25.6 kWh LFP Battery
Peak Power 40 kW
Peak Torque190 Nm


Range120 Km
Max. Geared Speed70 Km/ph
Gradeability 22 %

Charger Details

AC Charging TypeStandard – Type 2 AC
DC Charging Type (Optional)Optional – CCS2 (AC & DC)

Charging Time

AC Charging6 hours (Approx) – 15A (3.3 kW charger)
DC ChargingOptional – 60 mins – 30 kW Charger

Switch IeV4

Model Details

GVW 3490 Kg
Payload 1700 kg (FSD)
Wheelbase 2590 mm
Cargo Body Dimension-FSD9.7 ft X 5.7 ft X 1.6 ft
Container Suitability340 CFT

EV Power Train Details

Battery  32.2 kWh LFP Battery
Peak Power 60 kW
Peak Torque230 Nm


Range120 Km
Max. Geared Speed80Km/ph
Gradeability 23 %

Charger Details

AC Charging TypeStandard – Type 2 AC
DC Charging Type (Optional)Optional – CCS2 (AC & DC)

Charging Time

AC Charging8 hours (Approx) – 15A (3.3 kW charger)
DC ChargingOptional – 75 mins – 30 kW Charger



The Company will announce both the vehicles price next year January 2024.

Words by Managements 

Mr. Dheeraj Hinduja, Chairman of Ashok Leyland and Switch Mobility said, “Ashok Leyland’s 75-year journey is a story of transformation and innovation. As we celebrate this milestone, we look ahead to the future with excitement and determination and renew our pledge to further shape the future of the CV Industry. We have set our sights on pioneering sustainable transportation solutions and aim to support India’s economic development for years to come”.

Mr. Shenu Agarwal, MD & CEO, Ashok Leyland said, “Over the course of its remarkable journey, Ashok Leyland has consistently redefined industry standards, setting benchmarks for cutting-edge technology in its products and services, and partnering with marquee names in offering innovative, customer-centric solutions. Today we are proud to launch the IeV series from Switch Mobility and showcase pioneering technologies through the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bus for NTPC, and the Hydrogen Engine Truck for Reliance. The 75th anniversary celebration is not just a reflection of the company’s history, but a testament to its determination to continue shaping the future of mobility.”

Mr. Mahesh Babu, Chief Executive Officer, SWITCH Mobility Ltd., said, “The launch of our SWITCH IeV Series electric vehicles is a defining moment for SWITCH, having established a strong reputation in the e-bus market. With the SWITCH iON Standard at its core, a versatile range of options, diverse charging solutions, exceptional performance, and operational ease as its hallmark, the SWITCH IeV Series is a testament of our dedication to driving positive change in the industry”.

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric Bus showcased by Ashok Leyland 

On this occasion, Shri Nitin Gadkari, the Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, unveiled the ground-breaking Electric Light Commercial Vehicles from Switch Mobility – the IeV Series. The IeV Series is India’s first electric commercial vehicles in its category and aims to provide efficient and eco-friendly solutions for last mile transportation needs. The SWITCH IeV presents an incredibly attractive value proposition for MSMEs, cottage industries, and e-commerce in India with its exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) coupled with a commitment to high uptime. This series encapsulates our dedication to shaping an eco-conscious future, catering to evolving urban mobility needs while setting new standards for efficiency and innovation.

Ashok Leyland also showcased the new, 9-meter, Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric Bus developed for NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation). This is India’s first fuel cell bus that will commercially ply on country’s roads. The company also exhibited the country’s first Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Truck, which was earlier launched in collaboration with Reliance Industries. This showcases Ashok Leyland’s partnership approach to develop cutting-edge sustainable mobility solutions for long-distance transportation challenges.

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