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Royal Enfield ‘Electric’ Himalayan 

Royal Enfield introduced their first electric motorcycle, at EICMA in Milan, Italy, offering a glimpse into their plans for electric bikes.  This futuristic motorcycle showcased the company’s commitment to an eco-friendly future while maintaining its legendary heritage, captivating the audience with its silent yet powerful presence.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan marks a fresh start for the company, venturing into new territory. At EICMA, they showcased the Himalayan Electric prototype and introduced the Himalayan 450, setting the stage for an exciting future. Although still a concept motorcycle, but from the images the motorcycle seems quite capable of harsh conditions and has a very sharp and sleek design.  


The Royal Enfield Himalayan Electric stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainable adventure and exploration. Although the bike’s detailed specifications remain under wraps, it’s a fully functional prototype scheduled for release in the upcoming years. The concept motorcycle features a proper ADV design. 


At Royal Enfield, our Electric Mobility team is powered by the objective of preserving the quintessential Royal Enfield DNA, and extending that into our creative ideas and designs for electric motorcycles as well.


Speaking about the electric Himalayan project, Mario Alvisi, Chief growth Officer – EV, Royal Enfield, said,

The Electric Himalayan Testbed is much more than a design concept. For us, this is our vision and a glimpse of what to expect from us in the future. There is a much larger electric mobility blueprint that is being brought alive at Royal Enfield as we continue to work on multiple ‘electrifying’ expressions of pure motorcycling.


According to Royal Enfield, their design team’s primary objective was to craft a concept that promotes exploration while minimizing stress on both the rider and the environment. As a result, they underwent a redesign, incorporating a new battery box that now serves as the central structural component of the motorcycle.


The company, Royal Enfield, also states that they have implemented generative design techniques and introduced innovative materials such as Organic Flax Fiber composite for the motorcycle’s bodywork. According to Royal Enfield, the primary goal of this project was not to focus on maximizing the number of batteries that could be packed into the motorcycle. Instead, their aim was to enhance the exploration experience for riders, enabling them to listen to the sounds of the Himalayas.

No more details has been revealed yet, but we hope that the Himalayan Electric will be production ready soon. We will keep updating this article as we get fresh updates from the company till then do not forget to stay tuned. 

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