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Renault Electric Twizy

One of the dream quadricycles, or we normally say it’s a four-wheeled bicycle with car-like protection and features, was introduced by RENAULT in its early 2012 model, which was originally manufactured in Valladolid, Spain under the name of TWIZY. It has a classy and attractive look. It’s very helpful on sunny and rainy days. It is light as compared to other cars and also takes less space. It can also be run on small roads.

Why is it named Twizy?

It is named after twins; a twizy car; introduced by Spain, a two-door, the two-seater is like a fully covered racing car, not a car or scooter, but a combination of both. It is a model with a one-seat or two-seater, compact personal mobility vehicle. The Renault Twizy, introduced in India in 2021, will be available to the public soon.

Power and range 

It is a balanced vehicle in Europe with light or heavy quadricycle power which is either available in a 4kw [5.4hp] with a 45km/h top speed model or a 13kw [17hp] with an 80km/h top speed model with a range of 90km to 100km on a single charge.

Battery and Motor

The Renault Twizy is powered by an ISKRA asynchronous motor and comes in two models: the 45 and the 80. It uses a battery with the power of a 6.1 kWh lithium-ion battery.


From 7450 euros to 8240 euros in Europe, the electric vehicle has already been launched in India in 2020 and in many developing countries where it will cost around Rs 4 lakh to Rs 6 lakh. Rate will be available in other Asian countries



ManufacturerRENAULT in 2012
NameNissan New Mobility Concept / Renault Twizy Electric
AssemblyValladolid, Spain (2012-2018); Renault Samsung Motors Transaxle in Busan (South Korea) and Dongshin Motec OEM
Designer Francois Lemoine and Eduardo Lana
Type Quadricycle with double scissor doors
SeaterSingle and double available in both
Layout Rear engine and rear-wheel drive
MotorISKRA asynchronous motor
Power UsesELECTRIC (single transmission gear vehicle)
Battery Lithium ION Battery 6.1KWH
Headlamp LED and Halogen are both available
Range 90 km – 100km
Weight 450 KGS
  • 45 km/h that as 4kw motor generate 5.4hp
  • 80 km/h has 13kw motor generate 17 hp
ModelsTWIZY URBAN, TWIZY urban 45 & 80, TWIZY Cargo, TWIZY Cargo 45 & 80.
Charging Socket220-240v 10 A household supply
Charging Time3.5 hours
Gear ModeReverse, neutral, and forward.
Brake Front: DISC and Rear: DRUM
WheelAlloy FRONT: 120/80 R13 13” & REAR:145/80 R13 15”
SuspensionFRONT: coil spring suspension of MacPherson strut
Color White & Black, Blue & Black, and Orange & Black
Expected Price Standard: 5.50 lakhs (Price could vary when launched for the public) & Premium: 6.30 lakhs


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Its users have many positive comments like it is easy to drive; it requires less parking space; it requires very little space to open its door; it protects the rider from pollution while driving; and many more. Negative remarks were that it has very little space inside, is not very comfortable for two people, has no holder space, no pocket space, and for some people, it has very little range and top speed. Due to range and speed, it seems a bit costly.


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