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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/longest-range-electric-scooters/A vast amount of people in India are aware of the impact of air pollution on the environment. The fact that the use of petrol and diesel is important in the automobile industry does not go unnoticed by the current educated smart population.

In 2022, many EV companies are set to launch their respective EV models to enter the market and offer non-polluting environments friendly vehicles. However, with many brands making their way into the electric segment, it often leaves buyers with certain questions.

Several websites on social media have been polled to get an overview of customers’ exact queries for buying an EV and the most common was “range of EV”. Hence, in this article, we have mentioned the Top 4 Longest Range Electric Scooters in India that offer a range from 165 km to 320 km.

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Top 4 Longest Range Electric Scooters

Following are the top 4 longest range electric scooters in India that offer a range of 165km to 320km. In India, the highest-rage electric scooter is the Gravton Quanta electric scooter which comes from Gravton Motors this electric scooter offers a 320 KM range, and its price starts from Rs.99,000.

Electric ScooterĀ PriceĀ Range
Gravton QuantaĀ Rs 99,000 320 km/Charge
Simple One Rs 1,49,999300 km/Charge
Ola S1 ProĀ Rs 1,29,999181 km/Charge
Hero Nyx HxRs 62,954165 km/Charge

Gravton Quanta With 320 KM


  • Reported Range – 320 KM

Mr. Parshuram Paka, Founder, and CEO of Gravton Motors initiated this Hyderabad-based startup, which released this electric two-wheeler bike with a starting price of Rs 99,000. Gravton was one of the early birds who came up with the electric vehicle concept in 2016.

Quanta promotes the concept of ā€œAtmanirbhar Bharatā€, in other words, a ā€œSelf Reliantā€ country. This made-in-India electric scooter is designed from the ground up with its self-developed components, thus making Gravton manufacturing with the highest number of parts in India.

Gravton Quanta E-Scooter Specifications

Quanta is powered by a 3KW BLDC hub motor, which would enable it to
For less mechanical losses and better efficiency. Quanta provides a rapid torque of 170 NM coped with big 17-inch wheels and a lower center of gravity.

The top speed of the E-scooter is 70 kmph. The reported range offered by Gravton for Quanta is 320 Kilometers (and that makes it India’s longest-range electric scooter) with an average speed of 25 kmph. It is the highest-range e-scooter ever and is best suited for those looking to buy a long-range electric scooter that offers a range of more than 300 km on a single charge.

Simple One With 300KM RangeĀ 

Simple One Electric Scooter With 236 KM RangeĀ 

  • Reported Range – 300 KM

Simple Energy is a Bangalore-based company which has launched its first electric scooter named “Simple One” on 15th August 2021, but it is yet to deliver. And recently the company has announced the deliveries of its flagship scooter, the Simple One, which will start in June 2022.

Recently, Simple Energy has introduced an additional battery pack for the electric scooter and is claimed to offer a riding range of 300+ km per charge. The updated Simple One electric scooter has been priced at Rs 1.45 lakh, ex-showroom.

The vehicle is currently offered in two variants, one with a smaller battery pack of 4.8kWh (236 km range) and the other with a larger battery pack 6.4kWh (300 km range).

The Simple Energy One will be a direct rival to the Ola S1 Pro, the Ather 450X.

A simple one is just not one of the eye-catching vehicles with great looks, it is also one of the longest range electric two-wheelers in India. Powered by a powerful 4.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack, Simple One offers a range of 236 Kilometers in Eco Mode. As per the information, the highest speed Simple can login with is 105 kmph.

The distinguishing factor about this model is the minuscule amount of time it takes to reach 40 kmph from 0 kmph which is approximately 2.95 seconds.

Simple One Price and FeaturesĀ 

SpecsOld VariantNew Variant
Total Capacity4.8kWh6.4kWh
Range (IDC)236km300+km
Price (Ex Showroom)Rs 1,09,000Rs 1,44,999


This e-scooter offers four riding modes namely Eco, Ride, Dash, and Sonic. Simple accompanies a 7-inch touchscreen followed by 4G and Bluetooth connectivity. Highlighting features like music, call control, navigation, vehicle tracking, and a tire pressure monitoring system.

Simple One is currently offered in three colors- Azure Blue, Brazen Black, Grace White, and Namma Red. The ex-showroom price of this vehicle is expected to be around Rs 1,09,999.

Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter with 181 KM Range

Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter with 181 KM Range

  • Reported Range – 181 KM

This vehicle is the most popular among all the electric two-wheelers because of the versatility it offers. Launched in August 2021, this vehicle was so successful that eventually this model ran out of stock and had to order more vehicles.

However, Ola S1 is on the expensive end of the two-wheeler electric with a starting price of Rs 1,29,999. S1 claims a range of 181 Kilometers and it is backed up by a powerful 3.97 kWh.

Ola S1 Pro Specs and FeaturesĀ 

This electric two-wheeler offers fast charging for people who want less charging time, with the vehicle logging 75 Kilometers in 18 minutes. To charge the battery 100%, the time reported is 6 Hours and 30 Minutes. Ola S1 pro is the best-performing vehicle in all the segments.

The company is planning to launch an electric motorcycle too in the coming time but that’s uncertain because currently, the company is targeting more production of S1 pro to cope with the demand.

OLa S1 pro is currently offered in 10 colors – Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Black, White, Gray, beige, Dark Blue, and Dark Gray.

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Hero Electric Nyx Hx With 165 KM

  • Reported Range – 165 KM

If you are the type of person who is having a low budget but doesnā€™t want to compromise on specs, there is nothing better than Hero Electric Nyx Hx.

Hero Electric Nyx Specs and FeaturesĀ 

Starting with an ex-showroom price of Rs 62,954, Nyx Hx is one of the most affordable choices in the electric two-wheeler segment. This two-wheeler electric Scooter offers a portable battery pack of 1.53kWh. The top speed Nyx Hx can log in is around 42 kmph with the charging time being 4-5 hours.

Hero Electric Nyx Hx offers a front digital instrument cluster, telescopic suspension, a USB Port in case the rider wants to charge his phone, alloy wheels, Regen braking which is very useful for people who have range anxiety issues because this braking system enables the battery to regain some amount of charge every time brakes are applied which eventually increases range. This vehicle is currently available in only two colors – Black and Silver.

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