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Yes, you read it right! Ultraviolette has introduced its latest DC fast charging infrastructure, the UV Supernova, offering significantly reduced charging times compared to existing options. This infrastructure is designed to enhance the charging experience for users of the Ultraviolette F77 electric bike.

Here are some key details to know for all the F77  electric bike holders and also for the ones, who have an F77 bike on their wishlist:  

Key Features of UV Supernova Charging Stations

The UV Supernova charging stations feature two connector options: 3kW and 6kW, providing flexibility for users based on their charging needs. Rapid top-ups are facilitated, with the ability to charge the F77 battery from 20 to 80 percent in less than an hour, ensuring efficient charging sessions.

Advanced Charging Options: Supernova and Supernova Plus

Ultraviolette’s charging stations offer two variants: Supernova with a 6kW capacity and Supernova Plus with a 12kW capacity. Each station features two plugs designed to efficiently charge the F77’s battery from 20-80 percent in less than an hour, providing users with rapid charging capabilities.

Comparative Charging Efficiency

The charging time provided by Ultraviolette’s Supernova infrastructure significantly outperforms traditional charging methods. Compared to the Boost Charger, which takes approximately four hours to charge the F77 from zero to full battery SOC, the Supernova infrastructure reduces charging time by a considerable margin. Additionally, the standard charger, which takes nearly 8 hours to complete a full charge, further highlights the efficiency of Ultraviolette’s Supernova charging solution.

Deployment and Expansion Plans

Ultraviolette aims to deploy a network of charging stations across India, with plans to establish a hundred such stations in key locations. Currently, ten stations have already been set up in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. A recent partnership with HPCL enables Ultraviolette to set up charging stations at HPCL retail fuel pumps in twelve states, further expanding the accessibility of the UV Supernova infrastructure.

Compatibility and Benefits for F77 Users

The UV Supernova charging infrastructure is specifically tailored for the Ultraviolette F77 e-bike, offering compatibility with its advanced features. With a claimed IDC range of 307km, the F77 provides an efficient and high-performance riding experience. However, the real-world range may vary, as observed in comprehensive road tests. The establishment of this charging infrastructure proves beneficial for F77 riders, especially for long-distance journeys, ensuring convenient and reliable charging options along the way. 


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