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Omega Seiki Mobility, a pioneering force in the Indian electric mobility industry, has joined hands with Honda Power Pack Energy India, a subsidiary of the globally acclaimed Honda Motor Co., Ltd. This strategic partnership marks a significant leap towards reshaping India’s electric vehicle (EV) market through innovative swappable battery technology.

Honda Power Pack Energy India will provide Omega Seiki Mobility with state-of-the-art swappable batteries and create a network of quick interchange stations in Tier 1 cities across India. This collaboration aims to advance the electrification of mobility in India, offering eco-friendly and cost-effective last-mile transportation solutions.

Battery swapping technology is a game-changer in the electric mobility landscape, offering rapid refueling, elimination of range anxiety, extended battery life, cost-efficiency, and significant environmental benefits. This transformative technology accelerates EV adoption and contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable future, addressing key concerns such as time, range, affordability, and environmental impact.

Mr. Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility, passionately remarked on this ground-breaking collaboration: “In joining forces with Honda Power Pack Energy India, we embark on a thrilling journey towards reshaping India’s electric mobility landscape. The swappable battery technology represents a paradigm shift, offering unparalleled efficiency and environmental advantages. It perfectly aligns with our vision of rapid, clean, and accessible electric transportation. This partnership is not just about mobility; it’s about empowerment, innovation, and a greener, more promising future for all of India.”

“In the next two years, we intend to implement Honda e: Swap Technology in over 10,000 vehicles in the Passenger and Cargo segments” Added Mr. Narang

Mr. Tomohide Haraguchi, Vice President of Technology and OEM development, Honda Power Pack Energy India. said, We sincerely welcome our collaboration with Omega Seiki Mobility, which is strategically and innovatively opening up the world of electric mobility in India. The lithium-ion battery technology and know-how that Honda has cultivated over many years in the global 4-wheeler market were concentrated in this swappable battery pack called Honda Mobile Power Pack e:. This safe and reliable lithium-ion battery pack offering will surely accelerate the expansion of Omega Seiki Mobility’s sales expansion of innovative electric vehicles.

Honda Power Pack Energy India’s Honda e:swap service allows auto rickshaw drivers to conveniently swap discharged batteries with fully charged ones at strategically located battery stations. This reduces initial EV purchase costs, eliminates range limitations, and minimizes downtime associated with recharging. Honda Power Pack Energy India aims to develop an extensive battery swap network, initially in Bengaluru and expanding to other Tier 1 cities.

Omega Seiki Mobility’s upcoming EV Three Wheelers (Cargo and Passenger) will utilize Honda Power Pack Energy India’s intelligent swappable batteries, enhancing vehicle safety and performance while addressing range limitations and recharging times.

Omega Seiki Mobility envisions a future where electric mobility extends across all categories. The company has a rapidly expanding network of dealerships and focuses on manufacturing products in India. With a commitment to environmentally sustainable and congestion-free transportation, Omega Seiki Mobility aims to establish a cleaner environment and lead India towards a more sustainable future through data-driven, smart engineering and green energy.

This groundbreaking partnership between Omega Seiki Mobility and Honda Power Pack Energy India signifies a promising transformation in India’s electric mobility landscape. Together, they aim to provide efficient, sustainable, and accessible mobility solutions for the Indian market.

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