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Orxa Mantis Electric Motorcycle

Bangalore-based EV startup, Orxa Energies, has recently launched its inaugural flagship motorcycle, the Mantis, priced at Rs 3.60 lakh. The Mantis project has undergone more than six years of development, with the specific two-wheeler version having been in progress since 2017. Mantis is a motorcycle that is designed and developed by the company with the experience of the aerospace department. 

Unlike its predecessors, the production-ready Mantis is now lighter, thanks to significant tweaks in key components. The battery pack, now serving as a crucial part of the frame, has been made lighter, enhancing overall agility. The introduction of an aluminum subframe has also played a pivotal role, making the Mantis more nimble and responsive.

Now, let’s move on and go through the key specifications of the Mantis: 


Talking about its appearance, the Mantis has a sharp design, featuring a well-shaped fuel tank, separate seats, and a compact rear. The front stands out with a unique look, defining the Mantis name with twin headlights and a special daytime running light.  Practical elements include telescopic forks, alloy wheels, a rear mono-shock, disc brakes front and back, LED lights, and a clean, simple body design. At the Front, it’s equipped with a 41 mm telescopic front suspension and a rear mono-shock that allows for adjustable preload. The braking system is well-handled by disc brakes at both the front and rear, complemented by a single-channel ABS for added safety. Mantis is designed and has been made from bio- inspired elements


Feature Specification
Battery Pack8.9 kWh
MotorLiquidcooled BLDC
Power 27 bhp
Torque 93 nm 
Acceleration (0-100kmph)8.9 seconds
Top Speed 135 kmph
IDC Range 221 km
Fast Charger3.3 kW

Also a standard 1.3 kW charger 

Charging Time (0-80%)2.5 hours ride [3.3 kW]

5 hours [1.3 kW] 

Ride by wire systemYes
Ground Clearance 180 mm


When compared to earlier vehicles Orxa has increased the battery capacity to 15%, while  simultaneously has also reduced the weight of the battery pack to by 10%. One good advantage of the battery pack is that, when it ends its life, the carbon footprint of the Mantis is reduced by 40%.  Mantis has a unique ride by wire system which is completely develop inhouse and is verified through experience in the defense industry. In order to make riding more seamless and easy, the consumers of Mantis will also get accessories with the vehicle. They are as follows:

  • Multi- utility Top Box- Volume 45 L 
  • Side Panniers- Volume 30 L 
  • Saddle stay- Weight Capacity- 15kg
  • Top Rack- Weight Capacity- 15kg  

The co-founder of Mantis, Ranjita Ravi, explained the worth of Mantis for the team of Orxa. She stated that Mantis for them is Motorcycling essence, Form is function, and Engineering is Art. These are the philosophies with which the team of Orxa has built up all its electric vehicles. 


The Orxa Mantis is equipped with a modern 5-inch digital TFT display controlled by the Orxa operating system, which is built on Linux. It includes convenient features such as a side-stand sensor, Bluetooth, and the ability to connect with smartphones. Once linked to the motorcycle, the Mantis app on your smartphone can offer navigation assistance, display phone notifications, and provide ride analytics. 


The Mantis is introduced at a starting price of Rs 3.6 lakh for the model equipped with a 1.3 kWh regular charger. Interested buyers can secure their Mantis through pre-orders by paying a modest fee of Rs 10,000. Deliveries are scheduled to commence in April 2024, starting in Bengaluru and later expanding to other cities. Orxa has plans to unveil its service partners soon.


To conclude, Orxa’s Mantis stands out with its impressive functionality and aesthetics, marking a commendable stride in the electric vehicle market. The Mantis emerges as the ultimate street predator, catering to the diverse preferences of riders, be it sportbike enthusiasts, cruiser lovers, or those keen on urban commuting. While some sources suggest it’s a formidable rival to Ultraviolette F77, the final verdict lies in the hands of its users. We eagerly await the commencement of deliveries, hopeful that the Mantis will meet and exceed the expectations of its future riders.


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