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Olectra Meghaetron Electric Tipper Truck

Being a pioneer in electric mobility in India, Olectra Electric Mobility has introduced an all electric tipper truck. Meghaetron Electric is a heavy-duty tipper truck and is the best-in-class manufactured by Olectra. It also marks the OEM’s foray into the tipper segment in India. It is India’s first homologated electric tipper and first of its kind truck in India.

As the fossil fuel costs skyrocket, introduction of an all electric truck will be a game-changer in the segment. With the launch of this electric tipper, the company will be targeting the mining sector as on an average a mining tipper needs 70 to 110 kms a day which is satisfied by the Meghaetron.

It can be used all day at work sites as it is silent and has zero carbon emissions. Conventional tippers consumes most of the oxygen inside a mine and therefore, the mine must be evacuated when the vehicle enters the zone. But in case of an electric tipper, there’s no need for oxygen. This results in continued operations and enhanced performance.

It has also been put through intensive testing under various conditions including mountainous areas, high altitudes, mining and quarrying.

The launch of Olectra’s first electric tipper which was earlier scheduled for March 2023, will now be launching in this quarter.


The Olectra Electric Tipper is powered by a Li-ion Phosphate battery pack. It has a peak power of 362 hp and a maximum torque of 2400 nm.


Meghaetron Electric Tipper has a range of 120- 150 kms per charge. It has a maximum speed of 80 kms per hour.


Meghaetron is a 28-tonne 6×4 electric tipper. It has a gradeability of 18%. It also has a power assisted steering system and drum braking system.

Fast Charging 

In addition, the Olectra electric tipper is equipped with fast charging technology. High power AC charging allows full charging in 2 hours. It does not depend on commercial charging stations which helps in saving on charging station investment & maintenance.


Olectra Meghaetron has a wheelbase of 4975 mm and a GVM capacity of 28000 kg. It has a front and rear overhang of 1510 mm and 1100 mm. It can carry a high payload volume.


Olectra Meghaetron is available in two cargo variants: Rock & Box body.

Rock body has a length of 8770 mm, width of 2550 mm and height of 3978 mm, and a load body volume of 12 or 14 or 16 m3.

While the Box body has a length of 8625 mm, a width of 2525 and a height of 3678 mm, and a load body volume of 16 or 18 m3.


Olectra Electric Tipper is equipped with features like Temperature sensors in the battery, a Battery management system to ensure optimal performance, Battery cooling system, Fireproof batteries and a powerful electric powertrain, an Automatic fire extinguisher in battery pack, Low energy consumption per km and Electricity leakage sensors for batteries and wires.

Its safety measures include Short Circuit Protection, Surge protection, Leakage protection, and Overload protection.


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