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https://e-vehicleinfo.com/ola-s1-pro-vs-ather-450x-vs-simple-one-best-electric-scooter/Currently, the most searched electric bikes in India have very renowned names like Ola S1 PRO, which is quietly famous for its super stylish look with neutral gender appeal, which gives it a wide range of scope in this competitive market; SIMPLE ONE, which caught the attention of people mainly due to its very long range of 230+km on a single charge, which is only available in its price range; and ATHER 450 X, which attracted the attention of people due to its low power consumption.

Ola S1 Pro vs Ather 450x vs Simple One


The Simple One has the most kilometers per charge (230+KM), while the Ola s1 pro has 181 km per charge and the Ather 450x has only 108 km per charge.

Top Speed 

Among these, the Ola S1 pro has the highest speed of 115km/hr, the simple one can go up to 105km/hr, and the Ather 450x can go up to 85km/hr.

Battery Capacity

All three use lithium-ion batteries but of different power, and among these, SIMPLE ONE has the most powerful of them, which is 4.8KWH, while the other two only use 3.5KWH( Ola S1 Pro) and 2.6KWH(Ather 450X).

Motor power 

Among these, SIMPLE ONE has the most powerful motor at 8.5KW, and the others use 5.5KW (Ola S1 Pro) and 3.3KW (Ather 450X).

Underseat Space

Among all three, OLA S1 PRO has the largest capacity of 36 Ltrs, where you can put TWO helmets at the same time, side by side, and the other two also have under-seat space, but are smaller than OLA S1 PRO, which is 30 Ltrs (Simple One) & 22 Ltrs (Ather 450 X).

Power Consumption

Among these three, the simple one requires the highest number of units to charge fully, which is 4.5 units approx., but the Ola S1 pro requires only 2.5 to 3 units approx., and the ATHER450X requires 2 units approx. only.

Charging Time

CHARGING TIME: Among these, the Ola S1 Pro has the longest charging time of 5 hours approx., but the Ather450x has 4 hours, and the SIMPLE ONE has a charging time of approximately 2 hours.

The below table shows the comparison between these three.

  Ola S1 ProAther 450XSimple One
Price (Ex-showroom)1.4 lakhs1.3 lakhs 1.15 Lakhs
Range181 km per charge108 km/charge230+ km per charge
Top speed115 km/hr85km/hr105 km/hr
BatteryLithium-ion 3.5 – 4 kWhLithium-ion 2.6 kWhLithium-ion 4.8 KWH
Motor 5.5 kW Mid drive IPM 3.3 kW PMSM8.5 kW 
Brakescombined braking system Disc brakecombined braking system Disc brakecombined braking system Disc brake
Helmet space2 helmet capacity  of 36ltr22 Ltrs single helmet capacityColossal boot space of 30ltrs
Colour10 multiple colorsWhite; grey & greenBlack; Red; Skyblue; white
Acceleration3.9s 0-40km/hr3.3s 0-40km/hr2.77s 0-40km/hr
DisplaySmart display with GPS, theme, phone connectivity, high-end processor, etcSmart display with GPS, theme, phone connectivity, high-end processor, etcSmart display with GPS, theme, and phone connectivity
Weight125 kgs112 kgs110 kgs
Tire 12” tubeless12” tubeless12” tubeless
Warranty3yrs (battery, vehicle & charger)3yrs (battery, vehicle & charger)3yrs (battery, vehicle & charger)
RemoteAvailablePush buttonAvailable
Nominal power5.5KW*3.3KW*4.5KW*
Power required2.5 to 3 units approx.2 unit approx4.5 units approx.
Charging time5hrs4.5 hrs2hrs 
Operating SystemMoveOS 2Android OSAndroid OS
ProsMassive storage capacityWell balanced chassisPremium quality at a budget-friendly rate
ConsBattery performance needs to workSwitch gear quality is lowLooks can be improve


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