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Tata Nano EV

Looking for the most affordable electric cars in India?, be fully prepared, the new EV version of Tata Nano EV is about to hit the market. In recent times, this news is getting viral that a new model of Tata Nano is going to hit the market.

In fact, in recent days, a picture is becoming fiercely viral on social media, in which Ratan Tata, the former chairman of Tata Motors, is seen with a new and updated version of the Tata Nano EV. It is being said that this is the new electric model of tata nano which can be launched in the EV market soon. With its launch, it will disrupt the Indian EV 4W market, with its price.

why Tata Nano was discontinued?

There was a time when tata nano used to be the cheapest car available in India and the market dominated it but later some time it could not live up to its expectations due to which tata motors stopped its production.

But in recent times, when Ratan Tata was seen with the new model of Nano, since then it is being speculated that Tata can now come into the market with the new electric version of Nano. The car with which Ratan Tata is seen has been gifted to him by a company.

Which company has gifted this Tata Nano Electric Car?


The car that Ratan Tata is seen with has been gifted to him by a company named Electra EV. Ratan Tata himself is the founder of this company. This company is a manufacturer of the powertrain of an electric vehicle. When Ratan Tata was gifted this electric car, he liked it so much that he could not stop himself from riding it.

The company has given this new modal of nano the form of an electric car, the information of which was given by the company itself on LinkedIn.

Tata Nano EV Features:-

  • Range: Will be available with a range of 160 km.
  • Speed: The company claims that this car takes 10 seconds to go from 0 to 60 speeds. And its top speed is 110kmph.
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery has been used in this.
  • Architecture: 72V Architecture has been used.

Tata Nano Price in India?

It is believed that the company will keep its price low as before so that it is affordable for people to buy an electric car. Although its official price has not been told yet, still it is being speculated that its price in India can be around 4 to 6 lakhs.

Price4 to 6 lakhs (expected price)
Range 160 Km/Single Charge
Top Speed 110kmph

If the company launches the Nano EV at this price, then it will be the cheapest electric car under 10 lakhs in India.

 Tata Nano EV launch date in India?

So far the company’s target is to launch 10 Tata Nano by 2025. So it is being estimated that by 2025 Nano will come into the Indian market. However, seeing the increasing demand for Electric cars in the market, the company can try to prepare it even earlier. But so far it is being speculated that the company can bring it to the market by 2025.

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  1. I hearty love tata cars. I want to give my opinion to tata representative. Please launch tata nano ev as a affordable car instead of cheapest car because some of the Indian first benchers people do not understand Tata’s vision of value for money product.

  2. Dear admin can you share the actual picture of the car and can you tell me the power consumption of its charger.?

  3. Actually we have waiting for this NANO electric vehicle for small car please tell abouts this launching date and price..

  4. Why Tata Nano EV could be launched ion or before DECEMBER,2022, AT LEAST, I assure DElHITES will love to ride & there will be phenomenonal rise in TATA’s MARKET as SHARE because CHARGING STATIONS are expotiinally rising in Delhi

  5. I bought tata nano petrol at the time of launch.now I am eagerly waiting for Tata Nano EV. I will definitely book Nano EV car when it will be launched in delhi

  6. To make tata nano ev really affordable it should have a swappable battery which will be on lease, this will reduce the cost of the car by 40 pc. Also it will enable buyers who keep their car in an open garage and therefore donot have charging battery to go to a charging station exchange their battery for a fully charged one in less than five minutes!

  7. Hello sir,
    If the TATA motors company launches the Tata Nano EV car, in the present market then it’s becomes the only one electric vehicle under Rs.10 lakhs, which is easily accessible and affordable to the middle class families to purchase the car,

    Eagerly waiting for the release of Nano EV car,

    With regards
    Kambala sudarshan

  8. Launch it by this year otherwise you will be the looser again. Try to catch taxi market and genral public market. I am using nano it is very comfortable when compared with other cars of its range. This time you should not be the looser

  9. Pls make tata nano a safe electric car. Kindly modify the front design too , so that driver feels safe….
    Some time car may be safe, but feeling safe is different that nano has missed.

  10. Nano was discontinued as it cannot be upgraded to BS VI.
    With a 625 cc engine they have given the best in those times. Robust car, powerful AC, auto gear, power steering etc.
    When BS VI came, they had to stop as the first priority was Safety. The build quality of their cars are anyday better than most in the market.

  11. Good very excited to see new version tatanano ev ,nanoev will hit the market if if an only if its budget price will be affordable an lower , middle class budget price ie 1 to 2.5 lacks

  12. I’m interested Tata Nano EV car and waiting for launching date, It will be good if Tata launches in 2023 so that it can grab the market as option of other EV cars.

  13. If it is 4 to six lakhs means it called as cheapest ev car.
    How can say it is cheapest ev car under 10 lakhs in india.
    Kindly ammend it.
    Say 4 to 6 as rattan tata said. LONG LIVE TATA.
    Never say under 10 lakhs in india.


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