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Ola Restarted the Bike-Taxi Service 

Ola Restarted Bike-Taxi Service 

Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal announced this on the morning of September 16, saying that they are resuming the Ola bike-taxi service in Bengaluru. He said this on the micro-blogging platform ‘X’, which is mainly known as Twitter. He also said that this time it will be completely electric, as he uses his electric scooter, S1.

Bhavish Aggarwal announced


“Restarting Ola Bike in Blr today 🙂

This time, all-electric and our own S1 scooters!

₹25 for 5km, ₹50 for 10km. 

Lowest cost, very comfortable and great for the environment! Will scale across India over next few months.”

Ride hailing has been concentrated in the top 15-20 cities so far. With electric bike taxis we will change that and go deeper into smaller towns Will be starting Ola electric bike taxi services in a < 1 lakh population town in Karnataka next week.” Further Tweeted

Cost Per Km 


Through this micro-blog, he stated all the essential information about the services Ola Bike-Taxi service, including:

  • The customers will be charged Rs. 25 for 5 kilometres and Rs. 50 for 10 kilometres. This made it understood for the long-hauling everyday travellers that now they can comfortably have pocket-friendly rides to their workplaces every day.
  • They are using the S1 Ola electric scooter. Using these eco-friendly and convenient scooters in the service will enable the company to take care of their customers’ comfort, pockets, and the environment. They reduce carbon emissions and noise pollution in the city.
  • Additionally, by stating that the service would be rolled out across India in a few months, he offered hope and relief to residents of other states. 

Ola restarted its bike taxi service in Bengaluru even as it faces legal challenges from the Karnataka government and protests from other cab and auto associations. However, the Karnataka government has framed a policy on bike taxis, allowing vehicles to work as long as they are electric. As a result, Ola has an edge over its competitors, such as Uber and Rapido, who use petrol-powered bikes. 

Ola Electric’s Investments 

Besides, Ola has also invested over 7,600 crore ($918 million) in building its electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu, which aims to produce 10 million electric scooters annually. So, as the CEO says they plan to expand across the country, the bulk production of electric bikes can be a part of the plan to restore Ola-bike services throughout. 

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