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Ola Electric Scooter Fire Catch 

Fire incidents in Electric scooters aren’t an ordinary happening but if there is a viral video claiming that the electric scooter has caught on fire then this news circulates like a “Forest in the Fire.”

One such thing happened in Bhopal, where a parked Ola S1 was seen on fire on 3rd April 2023 on a video. Since then, it created a lot of panic among the masses. Since many people claim to have seen the incident firsthand. However, it is difficult to claim the truth as of now.

Reasons Why Video Could Be Fake

1. The battery of Ola S1 is in perfect shape and no disorientation has been done after the fire was extinguished.

2. The fire was extinguished using water and it is a scientific fact that fire grows when lithium-ion batteries are put off using water.

3. Also the fire started from the back end of the scooter and the battery is located in the front below the floorboard. So battery can’t be blamed.

Causes of Fire 

1. Many viewers are claiming that the fire was caused due to short-circuit.

2. In the video, it is seen that the boot space caught fire first. So it might happen that some substances kept in the boot were flammable.

Ola Electric Scooter Fire Catch in the Past

In the past, there have been incidents where a Matt black Ola packed on the street of Pune caught fire.

These incidents leave many wondering whether the electric vehicle is truly safe, or if it’s just another case of hearsay and speculation.


Before we find what’s the truth and the reasons behind pulling down the company, let’s understand the reasons behind a battery catching fire.

How does an electric vehicle battery catch fire?

A battery can catch fire for several reasons, but three main instances are electrical, thermal, mechanical, or any combination of these.

Overcharging is a particularly common issue that can lead to battery fires. When a battery is overcharged, more current is pumped into the battery than its maximum capacity. This can lead to a dangerous situation where the current decomposes the battery materials, causing it to catch fire. Overcharging can be thought of as a form of electrical abuse.

How to save an electric vehicle from catching fire?

  1. The risk of battery fires is a serious concern for manufacturers of electric vehicles. To address this concern, many manufacturers are implementing safety measures such as battery management systems and thermal management systems. These systems monitor the battery’s performance and temperature to ensure that it is functioning properly and prevent overcharging.
  2. Stop the battery from overcharging and disconnect the charging when the vehicle is charged at 80%

Why put false blame on the company?

Before I begin explaining what can be the potential reasons behind false blames, I am in no way conveying that the viral video is a false claim. I feel for the owner and hope that he/she gets the required assistance from Ola ASAP.

Now coming back to the original issue, Ola Electric has 2,00,000+ electric scooters running on Indian roads and this number is crossing the high mark every day. In March, Ola sold 27,000 units of electric scooters and this can’t be a lie. These stunts are usually out to tarnish the company’s reputation and reduce the competition in the market.

The company even rolled out a free program for Ola users so that they can replace their front suspension free of charge. These efforts by the company are commendable and it shows their true commitment to customers.

Previous note by Bhavish Aggarwal on Ola Electric fire incidents

“The objective of a recall is to fix the root cause,” says Ola Electric’s Bhavish Aggarwal about the fire incident in Pune. “Figuring that out is taking time. We have commissioned world-class agencies to give us assessments. This concluding and we will make an announcement soon.” 

P.S. (This is a year-old comment by the founder)

Writer’s Remark

By penning this article, I am in no way defending Ola Electric, however when negative sentiments are circulating in the market, I feel it’s my right to help the readers think rationally and don’t reach conclusions before an official statement is released by the company. So, was the Ola Electric scooter fire a myth or truth? The answer lies somewhere in between. Only time will tell.

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Varnika Jain
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  1. I am using my s1pro OLA. The company opened freeprograme for front suspension modification.On seeing this news I felt happy, but it is not done sofar, accessories not supplying by Co, with out accessories it is not safety to drive, paint is going out (fade) , seat is not good, such mistakes should rectify
    Sales after service has to improve


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