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Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter

Okinawa is an Indian company that began in 2015. They focus on making electric scooters with a mission to create two-wheelers that can drive maximum people towards a sustainable future. Okinawa is dedicated to creating smart, stylish, and energy-efficient vehicles, and this commitment shines through in its impressive lineup. One noteworthy addition is the Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter, launched a few years ago. Beyond just a means of transport, the Lite reflects Okinawa’s commitment to combining style with practicality. With its sleek design and useful features, the Lite has gained popularity, especially among students,  and people who need scooters good scooters for short-distance commutes. It is a low-speed scooter and is considered the perfect daily companion for every customer. The scooter requires no license or registration while buying. 

Let’s delve into the key specifications of the Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter:


The Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter stands out with its futuristic design. It’s a low-speed electric scooter that combines a sleek, modern look with rounded edges. The attention to detail is evident, as it is carefully crafted using top-notch technology. Customers like its impressive features which, include an LED Headlamp with DRL Function, a Detachable Battery for convenience, a unique Design Backlight with LED Winkers, and Stylish Aluminum Alloy Wheels. The added convenience of Push Start On/Off adds to its overall appeal, making the Okinawa Lite both stylish and technologically advanced. 


The Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter provides a top speed of up to 25 km/h, making it suitable for short-distance travel. This low-speed characteristic makes it a practical option, particularly for students, delivery purposes, safety for riders, especially in crowded urban environments or areas with lower speed limits. 


Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter is available in five striking and eye-grabbing colors. The color options are as follows:

  • Blue
  • Cyan
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Customers are presented with a spectrum of five attractive colors to tailor their Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter, providing the opportunity to infuse a distinctive and personal touch into their ride.


The price of Okinawa is Rs, 74,999. Customers can reserve the scooter with a booking amount of just Rs 2,000. However, due to the substantial number of bookings, there is currently a waiting period of 4-6 months. The initial booking amount will be subtracted from the total cost of the scooter.


Range 60 km
Top Speed25 kmph
Battery Capacity 1.25 kWh Lithium-ion (Detachable Battery)
Charging Time 45 Hours
Battery and Motor Warranty3 years
Peak Power 250 W
Loading Capacity150 kg



The Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter boasts a range of features designed to elevate your riding experience. Key functionalities include convenient Push Start On/Off, a secure Battery lock, and an Auto Handle Lock for enhanced safety. The Remote On function provides easy control, and the Detachable Battery adds practicality to your charging routine. The Hazard function increases visibility, while the Push Type Pillion Footrest ensures passenger comfort. Other features include a Mobile Charging USB Port for on-the-go connectivity, and Mobile App Connectivity available at a one-time cost of INR 8,000. The scooter also offers Road Side Assistance (RSA) as an optional feature for added peace of mind.

Performance-wise, the Brake Lever is CNC Machined with Lever Adjustment, providing precise control. The inclusion of a GPS system adds a navigation element to enhance your overall riding experience.


Okinawa is committed to crafting electric scooters that are eco-friendly, and the Okinawa Lite Electric Scooter is a prime example. It boasts a stylish design, comes at a good price, and suits consumers who prioritize a comfortable pace for their daily commutes. For users seeking an environmentally conscious option for short-distance trips, the Okinawa Lite stands out as a reliable choice, embodying Okinawa’s dedication to sustainable mobility.


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