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Okaya EV Motofaast

Okaya EV has expanded its portfolio with the launch of Motofaast, giving the traditional electric scooter a new identity with an innovative ‘Scoobike’ design. This design provides customers with a new experience, blending the feel of a bike in the form of a scooter while offering a comfortable ride and enhanced handling experience.  Made with a strong focus on special design and features and very strict safety standards, this scoobike is designed for people who want a stylish, full-featured, and safe way to travel.

Here are some of the key specifications of Okaya Motofaast:

Range on a Single Charge110 – 130 km
Maximum SpeedUp to 70 kmph (depends on loading capacity)
Peak Power Output2300W
Battery SystemDual battery system with a combined capacity of 3.53 kWh, utilizing advanced LFP battery technology
Warranty3-year/30,000 km warranty covering both the battery and motor


LPF battery technology is highly regarded for its exceptional safety, particularly in India’s high-temperature climate. Additionally, an extra safety feature included in the scooter is an incident buzzer that provides an alert to the rider at least 5 minutes prior in the case of a thermal runaway. Moreover, the scooter has an IP67 rating, and it’s certified by ICAT following the AIS 156 Phase 2 Amendment, making sure that all the essential parts of the vehicle are protected according to the safety rules set by the Indian Government. In addition to its outstanding performance, Okaya’s Motofaast is packed with safety features, including a Combi Disc braking system for both the back and front wheels.

Dr. Anshul Gupta, Managing Director of Okaya Electric Vehicles, said, “We’ve come to understand that, in addition to safety, our customers are seeking an array of advanced features. This realization has inspired us to introduce the stylish Scoobike with high-end features, to offer our customers the safest and most comfortable ride possible. Our aim is to provide the latest and safest technology to our customers, whether it’s in terms of batteries or feature enhancements.”


Okaya EV Motofaast Electric Scooter comes with a price tag of INR 1,36,999 (Ex- showroom) and this scooter is available in seven refreshing colours: Cyan, Rusty Orange, Red, White , Silver, Matt green, and Black.

Key Features of the Okaya Motofaast:

  • Stylish Design and Safest Battery: This scooter is made to match your way of life, giving you a comfy ride and a unique look. The big LFP battery keeps you and your scooter safe, even when it’s hot outside. This unique LFP battery type gives you a steady power supply for a long time, no matter the weather, and it lasts for over 2000 cycles.
  • Gives the best range for a long time : Perfect for people always on the move, it provides a strong 2300W power with two 3.5 kWh batteries. It can travel an impressive distance of 110 – 130 km, reaching a maximum speed of 70 km/hr. When it needs a recharge, it takes just 4-5 hours. Plus, it comes with three driving modes: Eco, City, & Sports.
  • Smoother Experience and Improved Performance: This  electric scoobike can go as fast as 70 km/hr, which is great for zipping around the city, especially when it’s crowded with traffic. It also comes with 12-inch tires that don’t need tubes, sharp-looking diamond-cut wheels, and brakes on both the front and back wheels. It has front suspension like a telescope and shock absorbers in the rear that use springs and hydraulic technology.
  • Technology: With its 7-inch touchscreen, which acts like a smart display, and powerful inner workings, including a fast 2 GHz brain and 3 GB of memory, this clever screen doesn’t just look easy to use, but it also makes sure everything moves smoothly and quickly when you touch it. Whether you’re using it for finding your way with GPS, checking out how the scooter’s doing, or keeping in touch with your smartphone through the OKAYA EV APP while you’re on the move, this high-tech device is made to match what modern riders need. It gives you convenience, fun stuff, and a way to connect with the internet, all at your fingertips.

Booking for the Motofaast Scoobike has started and  interested customers can book it through the official website with a payment of INR 2,499. The initial deliveries are scheduled to commence in Delhi and Jaipur next month.


With the incorporation of modern, sustainable, and eco-friendly technology, it can be evident that Okaya EV is well-positioned to not only perform exceptionally well but also make a positive impact in the market. The Okaya MOTOFASST, with its impressive features and zero-emission options, is certain to meet the diverse needs and requirements of its customers. We anticipate its success and a future where eco-conscious riders can enjoy both convenience and environmental responsibility.



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