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Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd, a Kolkata-based company, is set to transform urban commuting with the unveiling of the Motovolt M7. This revolutionary multi-utility e-scooter (MUSe), the first of its kind in the country, signifies the company’s entry into the high-speed electric scooter segment. The M7, infused with advanced German technology, aims to set new standards for safety, quality, comfort, and sustainability.

Sharing his thoughts Mr Tushar Choudhary, Founder & CEO of Motovolt Mobility, said,

“At Motovolt, our mission is to provide an efficient and sustainable commuting alternative. The M7 is Made in India and Made for India and seamlessly integrates advanced features, providing a personalized and connected experience for our riders. By addressing the unique challenges of urban mobility, we aim to enhance the quality of life and contribute to a cleaner environment. We have kept the introductory offer price of M7 at Rs 1,22,000/-, with the initial booking amount being Rs 999/-.”

Let’s delve into the important details of the M7 high-speed electric scooter:

Sustainable Design and Features:

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Motovolt M7 prioritizes eco-friendly materials, minimizing plastic use in favor of efficient metals. Its modular design enhances travel convenience, featuring a well-crafted rear section for effortless load-carrying. The M7’s ergonomically designed seating, supported by a double cradle heavy-duty mild steel frame, ensures stability and durability while accommodating a payload of up to 180 Kg.


Range (IDC Mode)166 km (ARAI certified)
Charge CyclesOver 1000
EncasementAluminium (AIS 156/IP67)
VariantsM7L (Single Battery, Option to Upgrade to Dual System)
Battery Control SystemSophisticated


Motovolt’s collaboration with Swobbee, a prominent European player in battery-swapping technology, brings an added dimension to the M7, providing effortless and convenient battery-swapping options at various locations nationwide. This strategic partnership aligns with Motovolt’s forward-looking vision to seamlessly integrate Swobbee’s platform for a more comprehensive user experience.


The M7 incorporates an advanced telematics system, seamlessly accessible via the Motovolt app, catering to the specific needs of businesses involved in fleet management. This application provides a spectrum of features, including real-time location tracking complemented by historical ride data, the convenience of over-the-air software updates, and predictive analytics for proactive performance management. Additionally, the app facilitates service reminders and monitors the overall health of the vehicle, ensuring timely maintenance. Engineered as a comprehensive solution, it is designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of business fleets by leveraging cutting-edge features. 


Customization is a highlight with Motovolt’s MUSe, presenting six vibrant color options:

  • Lightning Grey
  • Galaxy Red
  • Blue Jay
  • Dove White
  • Canary Yellow
  • Puma Black.

Ensuring optimal vehicle uptime, reduced total cost of ownership, extended range, and convenient access to spare parts, the Motovolt M7 exemplifies trouble-free, economical ownership.


As mentioned by CEO Tushar Chaudhary during the M7 unveiling, the electric scooter will be priced at Rs 1,22,000/-, with the initial booking amount set at Rs 999/. 

After its premiere in West Bengal and Orissa, the M7 is set to roll out gradually in other prominent cities. Bookings for the Motovolt M7 are currently being accepted through the company’s official website. 


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