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In a transformative move to enhance electric two-wheeler accessibility in India, Motovolt Mobility Pvt. Ltd, a leading e-mobility brand, has joined forces with German climate-tech firm Swobbee. This collaborative effort addresses challenges associated with EVs, with a primary focus on battery charging time, cost, and life to elevate the overall user experience in the country.

The partnership is poised to revolutionize the sector with the commitment to establish 200 battery swapping stations across India within the next 24 months. This ambitious initiative is supported by a substantial technological and financial investment exceeding 7 digits USD. The initial phase has commenced with the launch of the first two Swobbee battery swapping and charging stations in Delhi and Kolkata. The long-term vision includes generating over $10 million USD in revenue and achieving profitability within five years.

India has witnessed a significant surge in EV sales, particularly in the two-wheeler segment, with around 15.6 million units sold last year, solidifying its position as the world’s second-largest market. However, Indian LEV users continue to face challenges, such as the high upfront cost of batteries, limited range requiring frequent recharging, issues with battery performance and life, and end-of-life use of batteries, in addition to serious safety concerns.

Motovolt, a key player in the e-two wheeler industry, has been at the forefront of addressing these challenges. The company is dedicated to continuous research and development efforts and industry collaborations to improve the LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) ecosystem. Swobbee, with its expertise in LEV energy services, aligns perfectly with Motovolt’s mission. Motovolt will also expanding its reach into the e-scooters segment in the coming months, further demonstrating their commitment to providing sustainable and convenient mobility solutions for the future.


Mr. Tushar Choudhary, Founder & CEO Motovolt Mobility said, “Motovolt is committed to understanding customer pain-points and helping them overcome through unique services, product innovations, and industry collaborations. Swobbee’s battery swapping services offer a unique proposition wherein our customers can subscribe to a swapping solutions provider. This offers freedom from the necessity to purchase batteries upfront with the vehicle, ensuring optimal battery performance, safe and efficient charging, and proper disposal of end-of-life batteries. Additionally, Swobbee will gain access to our product portfolio and customer base, empowering them to establish a nationwide intelligent and multi-manufacturer battery swapping network,”

Initially targeting business customers, including delivery and transport services, Swobbee stations will gradually become available to private customers. These stations are designed as a universal infrastructure solution capable of integrating various LEV battery types from different manufacturers, accommodating diverse technologies and cell chemistries.

“Removing access barriers to clean mobility solutions is imperative not only to cushion the impacts of climate change, but to also ensure social equity in the ongoing green transformation. Nowhere is this more important than in the most populous country and the fifth-largest economy on the planet. Small businesses, delivery services, cabs – they all rely on two- and three-wheelers, which are on the roads by the millions. That is why we are very excited to partner with Motovolt to roll out an infrastructure solution that will democratize access to zero emissions LEVs for businesses and private consumers,” explained Thomas Duscha, CEO and co-founder of Swobbee.

The Swobbee stations are currently accessible to Motovolt’s commercial customers in Delhi and Kolkata. Moving forward, the collaboration aims to onboard other LEV OEMs and establish a comprehensive battery swapping network for various vehicle makes and types across India. The Motovolt-Swobbee partnership is poised to become a significant milestone in the Indian LEV ecosystem, prioritizing affordability and accessibility for all.

Swobbee’s past initiatives underscore its remarkable trajectory, encompassing an expansion from Berlin to multiple German cities and further into 10 European countries. The company has forged impactful collaborations with industry giants like Volkswagen, Total Energies, Galp, BP, and NIU 2 Wheelers. Swobbee’s global imprint is evident through its pilot project in Indonesia and its pivotal roles within SBMC (Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium) alongside major players like Honda, Piaggio, and Yamaha, and LEVA-EU (Light Electric Vehicle Association – EU) featuring prominent entities such as Mahle, Dott, Van Moof, and Segway 9 Bot.



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