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MG has taken the wraps off its highly anticipated EXE181 concept ahead of its public debut at Auto China 2024. This electric hypercar concept, a first for the brand, draws inspiration from the EX181 land speed record car known for its exceptional aerodynamic performance.

Innovative Design and Aerodynamics

The EXE181 concept boasts a streamlined, smooth-surfaced shell enveloping a single-seat monocoque, showcasing minimalistic bodywork to enhance aerodynamic efficiency. The driver is centrally positioned inside a unique center bubble, echoing the iconic UFO-shaped design of the EX181. A distinctive teardrop-shaped cockpit extends into a sloping tail fin, which can rise from the car’s body to serve as an airbrake during deceleration. MG highlights the concept’s remarkable aerodynamic prowess, boasting a drag coefficient of just 0.181. The concept gets a yoke-style steering wheel with a built-in touchscreen on the inside.


Details Specifications
Sprint Time1.9 seconds [0- 100 kph]
Power OutputOver 1,000hp
Top SpeedExpected to surpass 410kph



The MG EXE181, still in its concept phase, appears several years away from hitting production lines. 


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