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Mahindra Thar Electric Version 

Yes, I know it sounds a little out of the blue, but sources have it that the Mahindra is working on the electric version of Thar and they might soon showcase a prototype of the vehicle at the unveiling session which will take place in South Africa on August 15. The company is expected to launch 5-10 models in different categories of Truck, pickup, and whatnot!

Now coming to the main story what we think New Mahindra THAR Electric has in store for us

  1. 4*4 Set-up with a quad-motor engagement (two motors will power the rear wheel and the others will power the front wheels)
  2. Carb walker feature, where all the wheels can turn 45 degrees
  3. Body-wise, the Electric Thar can be lightweight since the petrol vehicle is heavily built and it is a different story. However, Mahindra has expertise in the commercial sector so anything for sure cannot be said. 

As of now, we don’t have concrete information about the vehicle launch date and the pricing of the car. But the company is emerging with a new concept that will be exciting. Believe me, you don’t need to compare Thar with its electric counterpart because these two will be built under completely different technology, yes except for the name and look. 

Writer’s Remark

So yes, it’ll be exciting what Mahindra has in store for us. However, we’ll bring you all the updates from the August 15 session in South Africa. 

Mahindra Thar Electric Video 

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