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Mahindra & Mahindra Invests in EV Infratructure 

Mahindra & Mahindra has invested an additional ₹500 crore to strengthen its EV infrastructure in Tamil Nadu in order to accelerate the development of its EV platforms to roll out electric SUVs.

Upcoming EVs from M&M 

M&M has also chalked out its plan to roll out at least five electric SUVS under its new EV platform INGLO with the first electric SUV being the XUV400.

EV Battery Test Lab 

It has also established an EV battery test lab by investing ₹210 crores at the M&M Research Valley. The new test laboratory will test the batteries’ suitability for safety-critical driving situations and vehicle safety. It will also be able to undertake EV battery tests at temperatures ranging from -40 to 80°C.

Software Defined Vehicle Centre 

It is also investing about Rs.12 crore in its Software Defined Vehicle Centre in Coimbatore.

EV Crash Car Test Facility 

M&M is setting up an EV crash test facility at the Mahindra SUV Proving Track at Cheyyar near Chennai with an investment of ₹290 crore. The equipment and components for the EV Crash test unit are being procured and the facility shall be running by January 2024.

Crash tests for EVs and SUVs cannot be done in the same way it is being done for ICE vehicles. EVs are different in the way they crash. There are chances of the EVS catching fire after collision and these fires could be extremely hard to put out. Thus, these crash tests would require special safety measures. Also, EVs have different crash test standards and regulations. So by establishing the facility, M&M aims to test the electric SUVs with the required norms.

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